Marcela Witt Ripping in Indonesia

Plus a special interview with Marcela Witt.

Indonesia, the Emerald of the Equator, with its lush and green vegetation is an archipelago of over 17,500 islands. Called by its waves and wind, Marcela Witt spent two weeks traveling from spot to spot between Sumbawa to the stunning Mentawais.

Marcela Witt in Indonesia
Video Directed by Salty Brother

A Conversation with Marcela Witt

What is your favorite memory from the trip?

“My favorite memory from the trip was showing up to Lakey Peak and seeing perfect empty barrels with the perfect wind blowing. I had spent two weeks on a boat chasing surf, flown to Bali to chase more surf and to then took an 8 hour trip to Lakey Peak and have all of the conditions line up perfectly, I couldn’t contain myself. I was screaming with joy the whole session. It was just perfect. “

Did you prefer winging or kiting the spots?

“As I said above, with all the conditions coming together just perfectly, the kiting was by far my highlight. But having the foil and wing in my board bags I was able to score some amazing sessions throughout the whole trip. Looking at Indonesia with new eyes for foiling and winging, there are so many unridden waves that line up perfectly. All my wing sessions were scrambling to get everything ready because the surf was blown out and a storm had rolled up. The only thing to do was go wing. And it was epic. “

What gear selection would you recommend for this trip?

“The trip provides every condition you could look for. Tow foiling, prone foiling, winging, and kiting. I had small foils for tow foiling, bigger foils for prone surfing,  the 4.5m wing, a kite board and a couple kites! “

Marcela Witt in Indonesia