New: The TWEAK Surfboard

Meet the new TWEAK Surfboard: a go to board for freestyle and waves.

The new Tweak Surfboard is a welcomed addition to 2023 selection. With a beautiful compact outline, flatter rocker gets this board up and planing quickly with a bottom channel to help with grip, acceleration, and maneuverability.

Here are some highlights from Billy Ackerman, who recently tested it at Waddell Creek on the California Coast:

– The diamond tail gives fluid turns and feels great rail to rail.

– Extremely intuitive and responsive feels.

– The HD Foam Flex construction offers a smooth ride on the surface and great volume to power through the weak sections of the wave with ease.

Overall, it is an awesome freestyle and wave riding option. This board thrives in onshore conditions and small to medium surf, bringing back memories of the F-One Fish with new school updates and performances.

The thruster fin configuration with Futures boxes can take any Futures fins but the F-One Flow Carbon XS fins are recommended. If you are looking for more grip, we recommend the Flow Carbon M size or, if you’re feeling spicy, the M fronts and an XS center fin.

Discover the TWEAK