Tonic Mag: Boa Vista – Foil Heaven

Tonic Mag's Jack Galloway interviews F-One athlete Mizo Fernando on the recent F-One hydrofoil shoot in Boa Vista.

Source: Tonic Mag

Words: Jack Galloway & Mizo Fernando
Photos: Matt Georges

In the Atlantic, far off the coast of Africa lies Boa Vista, of the Cape Verde Islands. Recently, Mizo Fernando and the F-ONE team headed to this rugged & scenic island to foil the idyllic conditions it has to offer. It didn’t disappoint.

Hey Mizo, how are you? The photos from your trip are awesome. Where did the idea come about to head to Boa Vista, Cape Verde?

Hello! I’m good thank you. Hope you’re well. I was invited to go to Boa Vista by F-ONE International for a shoot with the hydrofoil team…

How does Boa Vista differ from the main island? Does it provide better conditions?

Boa Vista has a lot of different breaks, with different waves, setups and wind directions. I’m not really familiar with the main island. But good conditions are sure to come.

What would you say you are looking for in the forecast when you’re there? Swell height, wave period?

In Boa Vista as a windy spot, it is interesting to match the wind direction with the swell to find a good wing spot. If the wind forecast is not so good then just look for swell period and directions for the best breaks.

What’s the atmosphere like on the island? I feel like post-session drinks on the beach are a key feature?

The atmosphere is incredible, the native people are super nice and respectful. For sure having a beer with Sean and his crew at his school right in front of the spot is a good one. They are very happy people to hang out with.

I can see plenty of aerials going on in your surfing! Do you often ride with straps? How do you find it compared to strapless prone foiling?

I don’t often ride with footsteps unless I’m looking to jump and do airs. I like it a lot and I’m working on getting used to the footsteps since, as a surfer, I’m not use to it at all. It’s hard to compare because going strapless just feels so good and natural, being able to move your feet on the board and having a better foot positioning on the board at each section on the wave, also going strapless looks way more stylish for sure. Lately, I’m also trying to improve the air game without footsteps, which is pretty hard.

Was the 4’2 Rocket Surf, 740 Phantom, 220 stab + 85cm HM Mast your go-to gear while you were there? How do you have it set up, any shims? Does the 740 pump well enough to connect waves?

Yes, the Rocket Surf is an incredible surf foil board. Its design makes surf foiling very good; it’s narrow, light and has that surfboard outline that I love. I rode that setup most of the time because we had some good waves. All the F-ONE foils are balanced and there’s no need for shimming. The 740 is a not-so-easy pumping foil. It’s pumpable when you get out of the wave with speed, then one can pump and connect, but it is very technical.

You’re clearly a true waterman, wing, SUP foil, prone foil… What’s your favorite discipline at the moment and what tricks/maneuvers are you working on?

Thank you, I don’t have a favorite discipline, I just love to fly above the water. I like to mix it up between the foil disciplines according to the given conditions. Lately, I’ve been trying to improve at wingfoiling as windsports are something new to me; it’s only been 2.5 years that I’ve been practicing wingfoiling. I’m not really focused on one specific trick or maneuver. I want to improve in foiling in general. There’s so much that can be done in these different disciplines.

I didn’t realize you were so new to wind sports, very impressive. Thanks for taking the time Mizo.