Kai Ziggy Potter Joins the Grom Squad

Learn more about Kai Ziggy Potter, the latest addition to the F-One America Grom Squad.

15-year-old Kai Ziggy Potter just joined the F-One America Grom Squad! We caught up with him to learn a bit more about his wingfoiling background.

Name: Kai Ziggy Potter

Age: 15

Height: 5’4

Home spot: Encinitas, California

Favorite spot: La Ventana, Baja California

When did you start wingfoiling? I started wingfoiling in the middle of 2021.

Let’s talk about your water sports background. Which water sports were you involved prior to wingfoiling?

I started flying kiteboarding kites at 2 years old. I’ve been kiteboarding for 3 years. I started wakeboarding 3 years ago and have been riding at cable parks for 5 years. I’ve been foiling behind a boat for the last 3 years and have been surfing for the last 6 years.

What are your favorite wind conditions? 20-25 knots

Favorite size wing to fly: 2.8m Strike

Go to foil and board combination, what do you ride on a typical day and why?
On a typical day, I like the Escape 530, 85cm carbon mast, and a 32L Rocket Surf.

Do you have an idol you look up to in the wind sports industry?
Chris McDonald and Titouan Galea are very inspiring to me.

Favorite post wing meal: Bean & cheese burrito

Is there a location you dream of wingfoiling one day? Tarifa, Spain

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Titouan Galea (@titouan_galea)

Be sure to keep up with Kai on all of his adventures by following him on Instagram at: @kai_ziggy_potter