Sizing Down Your Fuselage for Increased Maneuverability

F-One offers X-Short carbon fuselage for increased maneuverability and responsiveness.

Sometimes even the smallest change can make a large difference in your foil’s performance. Whether you’re riding in waves or flat conditions, you can tailor your ride as you wish with F-One’s carbon fuselage collection. 

Currently, there are three fuselage sizes in production that pair with the carbon Gravity and Phantom front wings (XS – 33cm, S – 37cm, L – 41cm). F-One has recommended specifications for which size fuselage goes with the corresponding front wing to give you the optimum performance:

  • Fuselage Carbon X-SHORT – 33cm – recommended for the Phantom 940* (coming soon)
  • Fuselage Carbon SHORT – 37cm – recommended for the Gravity Carbon 1200/1500 + Phantom Carbon 1080/1280/1480/1780 front wings
  • Fuselage Carbon LONG – 41cm length – recommended for the Gravity Carbon 1800/2200 wings

Now as a separate accessory part, you can also purchase the new X-Short carbon fuselage. This is a newly added size that can change the feeling of your current foil setup that uses the standard ‘Short’ model fuselage.

Shortening the rear fuselage makes the foil more pivotal and responsive. It brings the front wing closer to the rear wing, increasing maneuverability, responsiveness, and giving you that ‘loose’ feeling.

At 33cm in length the XS fuselage measures 4cm shorter than the ‘Short’ fuse. Billy Ackerman has been testing the Phantom 1080 and upcoming Phantom 940 front wing with a XS fuselage and has found it to be fantastic for both prone foilsurfing and wingfoiling.

As soon as I swapped to the XS fuse I felt like I could pump more efficiently and turn tighter. I love the snappy tacks and jibes I can achieve with a loose, playful feeling. With the XS, I can turn tighter on the wave in a more critical section with speed. From what I’ve experienced, at high speeds and in larger surf it can be a little too loose for my liking and a bit less stable than the ‘Short’ fuse but each fuselage has a time and place based on conditions. For me the XS fuselage is a must-have and its primarily what I use paired with the Carbon 275 rear stabilizer. 

— Billy Ackerman

The new X-Short fuselage is a great option for all carbon Phantom owners who want to make their foil a tad spicier with increased maneuverability and a more pivotal feeling.