Why You Should Definitely Learn How to Wingfoil

Safe, accessible and easy to learn, Antoine Auriol gives you all the best reasons you should definitely learn how to wingfoil.

Wingfoiling is a new and exciting sport that allows you to feel free in the water, yet totally in control. Safe, accessible and easy to learn, Antoine Auriol gives you all the best reasons you should consider learning to wingfoil.


Wingfoiling gear, if chosen correctly, can be extremely compact. Take F-One’s inflatable Rocket Air board, the ultra compact size of the gear allows you to easily pack and bring it on board with you. With foils that are easy to set up and brake down, wingfoiling is a very travel-friendly sport.


Wingfoiling opens up locations you never imagined you’d kite or that may be off limits to kiteboarding. With no threats like trees, power lines and wind shadows, all you need is enough space to pump up your wing, then it’s easy to launch from anywhere.

Light Wind

The range of wind speeds that you can go wingfoiling in range from 10 knots to 40+ knots. A great option on light wind days or in gusty winds, wingfoiling allows you to practice in all conditions.

Easy to Learn

This new discipline is relatively easy to learn. Unlike kiteboarding, wingfoiling does not require hours of lessons. If you are patient, consistent and motivated, you will be up and winging in no time.


Wingfoiling is fun and safe for kids and adults of all ages. With no lines attaching you to the wing and the ability to control the power of your wing with your arms, you can turn the power on and off anytime you want.


From the first time you foil up you’ll be hooked. The feeling of frictionless gliding over the water while learning and challenging yourself with sometime new will keep your stoke level high for sessions to come.

Gear to get you started: