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10 Apr , 2017   Gallery

Socal young upcoming paddler joins the F-One & Manera Team! We are very excited to welcome thirteen-year-old Kitsy Nipper as the newest member of our National SUP Team. Kitsy joined us a few weekends ago at the Santa Cruz Paddlefest and had outstanding results, winning both of her divisions ( 1st place 12’6 Juniors & 1st place SUP Surfing Intermediate). She will be paddling the F-One Race Pro 12’6 and 7’7 Madeiro Pro boards.

Kitsy has a serious upcoming season of events and will be very busy! Check out the latest interview with Kitsy and find out what she’s all about!

Age: 13 Years Old
Location: San Diego, California

You had excellent results in the 2017 Santa Cruz Paddlefest, when did you start stand up paddleboarding and what got you started? 

Thank you! Santa Cruz Paddlefest has to have been one of my best races so far! Winning 1st overall in the short course and 1st in my surf competition. I began paddle boarding before I even knew it was a sport. Living on Mission Bay in SanDiego CA I grew up playing in the water. My dad gave me an old foamy surf board and a kayak paddle so I guess thats where it started. My first race was a local event in San Diego 3 years ago. I had so much fun I could not wait for my second race. Since then I’ve been competing in SUP Race and SUP Surf and LOVE IT.

Do you have any influential figures that really helped you get involved in the sport? 

I love the sup community, I’ve met so many wonderful people who all helped me learn and grow in this sport. I’m grateful to all of them for their encouragement and support.


You competed (and WON!) On new gear at the Santa Cruz Paddlefest, what sizes and models did you ride, and what do you think about the gear so far? 

I surfed the Cowell/Indicator competition, riding the 7’7” x 26 1/2” F-One Madiero Pro. I had it set up as a thruster. I loved how responsive it was in the surf.  For my SUP race, I rode the F-One Race Pro 12’6 x 26. I was totally stoked to see how fast it was. It handles really well in the surf.


Which category do you prefer, SUP Surfing or SUP Racing? Or both? 

Both!!! Each challenge me in different ways. I love the drive and endurance it takes to win a race, while surfing gives me the chance to express myself in a more creative way.

Do you train for both year round? 
YES!!! I train on the water 3-4 days a week with Zibi my race coach. I add to that 3 days of land workout in the gym with my endurance and strength coach Siaosi. I surf for the pure joy of it, so that never feels like training.  Adding to this time I am also training for US Nationals in Sprint Canoe and Kayak this August in Florida. P.S. It helps that I’m homeschooled so I can be flexible with history when the waves are pumping.


Who is your favorite professional stand up paddle athlete and why?
When Chase Kosterlitz lived in San Diego he was our coach for Elite Paddle Training. I learned so much from his experience as a world Pro Racer and SUP Surfer.  I’m also grateful for the amazing women who are paving the way for me and other young women entering this sport. Women like Candice Appleby, Fiona Wylde and Izzi Gomez to name a few. 7 Paddling aside, do you have any other hobbies or activates you participate in? I am training to be in the Olympics for C1 Canoe or Kayak. I have been doing Polynesian dancing since I was 2 years old. I also love working at Mission Bay Sport Center, I teach people how to SUP, Sail and Kayak.

Anything else you would like to share? 
I am excited to be on the F-One team. There are so many amazing people that I get to share this sport with. I’m looking forward too many more races and surf competitions with this awesome team.


Dream races and surf competitions?
Anything Hawaii! I really want to get in a down winder race. Carolina Cup Nash Columbia Gorge Challenge Anything in Europe and Where ever the water is crystal clear and blue!

Upcoming competitions and events: 


Silver Blade Regotta
Sunday Sunday Sunday races x3 My goal is to win 4 years straight as “overall Champion” in my division
Santa Monica Race ISA World Series Race and Surf Event in Oceanside CA
Sup Fiesta Race and Surf
San Clemente Ocean Fest
Nash Columbia Gorge Downwind Challenge (hopefully)
Quick Silver Waterman Challenge Pro Division
US Sprint Canoe and Kayak Nationals Florida
Iron Mike Challenge


Water Warrior at Camp Pendleton
Survivor Beach
Power House Paddle
Battle of the Bay in San Francisco
***PACIFIC PADDLE GAMES*** JR. PRO DIVISION! This is my 3rd year having placed 2nd in both years I have a big goal of 1st place.
World cup Sup/Surf
Another Dam Race, Parker AZ
And many other local events…

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