Kiteboarder Mag: 2015 MANERA Buyer’s Guide

New for 2015 is Manera's wetsuit line and the next generation of harnesses based on the EXO launched last year.


Photo: Gilles Calvet

Photo: Gilles Calvet

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Manera is a new brand from the same people behind F-One. Now in its second year of operation, the two are separate entities as F-One focuses on making the best kiteboarding and SUP equipment they can while Manera is focused on making accessories that are in direct contact with your body. Nico Ostermann, President of BAKS Distribution, the F-One distributor for the North American market, shares information with us about Manera’s two new next generation harnesses based on the EXO launched last year, their new wetsuit line, and the all new Manera clothing collection, along with other products the brand has lined up that are useful to kiteboarders.

In 2014, Manera launched the brand in the kiteboard market with the EXO harness which had a number of unique features new to the sport. Did anything change for 2015? What makes this harness so unique? For 2015, we are going to have two versions of the EXO harness. First, we will offer a high-end version of the EXO with new high-density foam for increased comfort and changed to a seven-color combo instead of six, the new color being white-based. We will also have have a “light” version of the EXO, with no tuck Flap and backside kite leash release, offered only in one color (black/ silver). The light version will be priced less than the high-end model.


The brand is introducing a new line of wetsuits. What will be offered and when will they be available? We are very excited about introducing a new line of wetsuits, Manera is growing and the new Wetsuits collection will be made of a complete range of 15 different models, from the shorty and long john to the 6/5/4 fullsuit. We will have two different materials. Magma will be our warmest choice and is made with 100% full Magma fleece inside, one of the warmest, smoothest, softest and stretchable wetsuit materials available.

the Magma 4/3, 5/4/3 and 6/5/4 are equipped with honeycomb mesh panels in the front but also in the back for even more protection against the wind. Our X10D suit is the ultra-flexible choice for riders, made with Triplex X10D neoprene, a super flexible, stretchy and light material. All Manera wetsuits will be equipped with a central, horizontal front zipper; glued, blind stitched and hand taped seams; Airplene ankle panels to drain the water from your legs instantly; and ankle straps.

Manera Sticky Wax was also a new product from the company, allowing riders to use it on both their kite surfboards and pads. Does this product work on regular surfboards? How was it received after being on the market for a year? Using the Manera Sticky Wax on a regular surfboard is not recommended because it’s too sticky when you are prone paddling out and will stick to your wetsuit. It’s really designed to be applied on your kitesurf board or on your SUP board; it’s compatible with pads and works very well. You can attempt tricks that you never thought about doing before with the added help of our Sticky Wax!

basecoat&ultrastickyMAGIC WAX

What is Manera’s R&D process like and how does the brand go about deciding what products it will bring to market and when? We have the same approach with Manera as with F-One: Our goal is always to bring something better to our sports and for our customers. We always give a lot of emphasis on trying everything on the water over and over again, incrementally. More than 11,500 3D scans were made to select the most representative morphologies. We are using exclusive and unique 3D software as well as a specific assembly line technology to combine both the 3D design and the body geometry. The result is an incredible 3D shape where the wetsuits are like a second skin.

PONTAPRETA-electric blue

New for 2015 is the Manera Dry Bag. How big is it and is it kite-specific in any way? The new Manera dry Bag is not kite-specific, it’s a bag pack you can bring to the beach and have all your electronic devices (phone, tablet, and camera), keys, wallets, and more safely protected in a true waterproof bag. You can take it with you on a SUP tour for example or on a boat ride. It features an extra pocket for a water bottle and an outside net to stash objects that don’t need to stay dry.

MANERA dry bag side

What are some other highlights of the 2015 Manera collection? For 2015, Manera is also coming out with a full clothing line, made of beautiful and timeless models, with superior fabric. Every model is named after a famous spot such as Le Morne in Mauritius or Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde.

MANERA_PHOTO GILLES CALVET_Apparel_collection_2015_11