Ragnarok Wrap Up

Red Bull Ragnarok Wrap Up, from Tyler Brown, F-One Team Rider

Photographer Haakon Maeland

The Red Bull Ragnarok definitely lived up to its reputation. With sun, warm temps, and light wind, the 65km were quite challenging. Only 40 of the 200 competitors were able endure and finish this kite marathon. From the 200 kite start line everyone converged on the first gate that was no wider than 15 feet. Kites were tangling, crashing, falling from the sky, and yet just a few were making it through cleanly. We all quickly understood what the Ragnarok would be and how this race was out of the ordinary. None of us would know how things would play out over the next few hours. Several of us were fitted with a GPS tracking system that would follow the top riders and the paths they took. The large foil kites proved to be the answer for the 5 knot wind, taking all of the top spots. They were able to over point and hold power throughout the low lying areas of the course which proved to be the lightest wind areas, and most difficult parts of the course. It was quite interesting navigating through all of the people that were stuck walking there way through the course. All in all people were having fun in the gorgeous sunny conditions. There was a great sense of comradery between all riders from pros to first time snowkiters. The plateau was an extremely fun place to be over the 3 day event. A special thanks goes out to the Kaupang family and Red Bull for hosting such an amazing event. If you ever fancy an amazing spot for a kite trip, Haugastol Norway is your place!


photographer Haakon Maeland