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2013 Trax LW 140 tested in the waters of Puerto Rico

1 Apr , 2013  

Jorge Baco, our local rider in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a big fan of the latest 2013 F-One TRAX LW. LW stands for Light Wind, this is the biggest Trax in the lineup, 140 x 45cm. This is also a board that would fit bigger rider.

The brand new Trax LW is the new big boy, Light Wind board on the water.
The incomparable build and design is a guaranty that no matter the conditions you’ll have a good session in light winds. The board is small by comparison to other light wind boards, it also it has rocker making it easy to ride as you jump and do tricks like in big winds. An important feature is the bottom shape, tri-concave and shines all are forms that help you accelerate and bite the water to go upwind and keep your edge and the asymmetrical fins give lift and bite to make this board have effortless control and track.

On Monday, yes this past Monday 03/25/13, we took the LW for our first try. Conditions were marginal for me, 10-14 kts. Using a 14m B6 and the LW it was like it was 20 kts!! this board rides like a small board and flies upwind. I have ridden a variety of Light Wind boards in 6 years of Kiting, mainly because I am a Big Boy(235lbs) and my riding envelope needs higher winds. The available light wind boards have a no compromise design,no rocker, square and flat,flex and an ugly design hidden behind graphics. They are difficult to ride in rough seas, or do not allow for fluid riding. This is not the case with the F-One Trax LW. This board it accelerates in the water-start and after a transitions so you keep moving and especially if you carry speed in a carved turn. It feels small in your feet, it pops and keeps you from stalling when you land hard and the board goes underwater, it pops right out. It also felt great in the chop, the rocker line and the bottom profile helps dissipate the rough water surface maintaining speed without feeling flexy.
That being said, put this board on a lighter rider and the wind range drops dramatically!! My son George, a 158 pound rider could ride with a B6 10 M Kite in 12 knot winds and easily trick it out!! see the small video!!!
The F-One LW board is unique in that it provides the latest technology and design to give the rider more water time without sacrificing the free-ride and wake-style ride we all want, this board is a must for any quiver.

Jorge Baco tests the 2013 F-One Trax LW 140 in the waters of Puerto Rico from F-One America on Vimeo.