Epic conditions in the northwest and one demo to remember !

It all came together for some truly epic East wind conditions. The Gorge delivered anything and everything from 15mph to 40mph plus and the new Bandit 6 handled it all with ease. "So smooth", "I didn't even have to think about the kite.", "This board is amazing", "F-One has always made good boards, but wow."

Words: Micah Sanders, local F-One Ambassador

F-One Demo Tour Pacific Northwest Stop.

“So smooth”, “I didn’t even have to think about the kite.”, “This board is amazing”, “F-One has always made good boards, but wow.”

Just a few of the many great comments we heard over the weekend here in the Gorge about the new 2013 line-up. With an unsettled forecast looming over the Pacific Northwest, it all came together for some truly epic East wind conditions. The Gorge delivered anything and everything from 15mph to 40mph plus and the new Bandit 6 handled it all with ease.

Day One: Stevenson, WA.

The first day got everything off to a great start with a nice steady 20-25mph wind and some super stoked locals. We started out with guys and gals riding anything from a 7m to a 10m (Nate), a real testament to the amazing range the new B6 has. Another amazing stand out was the new 5’10” Signature. It took everything we could throw at it. All the looseness of a quad with more than enough drive to satisfy the hard carvers in us. Meanwhile, the Acid was being put through it’s paces with some, shall we say, less than
perfect landings (Nate) and still allowing the rider to ride away.





Day Two: Cascade Locks, OR. A.K.A. Blackberry Beach A.K.A. LaPierre’s Landing.

The second day treated us with a repeat of day one. This time we were on the other side of the river looking at yesterdays spot. The newly opened Blackberry Beach/ LaPierre’s Landing (thanks Adam and the CGKA) in Cascade Locks, made possible by the CGKA and many individuals, was our spot for the day. This time we had a few more people and the wind started out a little stronger with the 6m going out first. The wind calmed down a little to 8m conditions and eventually even 11m. We ended the day with a great BBQ provided by the CGKA. Thanks again to all the work they did to provide this great new launch and everything else they do to keep our access open and growing here in the Gorge.

Day Three: Rooster Rock Park, OR.

A bit breezy compared to Days one and two. Averaging in the mid 30’s and gusts easily over 40mph, the 6m was pretty popular among the hearty folks brave enough to venture out in the “challenging” conditions. Once again the Bandit handled everything thrown at it. Remaining
steady in wind like that gives you the confidence needed in winds that extreme. This day saw the Trax and the TX getting a little more attention. It was no wonder, on a day like that you want as much grip and stability as you can get just to keep you in the lower atmosphere.

Overall, great conditions, incredible gear, and amazing people made this trip one to remember. Thanks to all that made it possible; Nate from Air-Pirates kiteboarding for putting it all together, the CGKA for the great new launch and hospitality, and all the folks who came out to test the new product. We’ll see you all soon!

From Bruce Johnson, representing F-One America: Fantastic turnout by the local crowd as well as Nate’s (Airpirates) “groupies” from the Jones Beach area – we experienced your typical F One/ Bandit demo , having 3 to 4 different kite sizes on the water at the same time , with all involved feeling very comfy on their respective sizes. Positive feedback across the board for kites as well as our boards – both TT and directional . I must say, however, that our Signature Quad 5’10 received outstanding feedback from all that had a chance to ride it – interestingly enough even the oversized 210lb rider felt quite connected and comfortable with the overall riding experience – do not be deceived by its size ! This board is very much like the Bandit 6 – direct drive , predictable , connected , smooth and very comfy. Three days , three different venues , wind at all three sights – 6,7,8,9,10 and 11m demoed , and demoed well – look forward to a mid summer redux in the Gorge and Jones . Thanks to Adam of the CGKA for welcoming F One to the Blackberry Beach grand opening – cool spot – much potential , and both Micah and Nate of Airpirates for REPRESENTING in the North West !