Katie Bowcutt Wins Overall Women’s Title, Macao Surf Invitational

Katie Bowcutt had quite and adventure getting to and from the Macao Surf Invitational.  She and 27 fellow North Coast surfers had a 10 hour bus ride there and a 14 hour ride with 2 flat tires back.  But it was worth it all for Katie who took the Junior Women’s Division.

Thanks to her friends, the contest was quite a roller coaster of emotions for Katie.  The finals were close and the waves were small. It was nerve wracking for Katie to find anything to ride.  Her friends, knowing Katie had won, “comforted” her when she came off the water, “Saying at least you made it to the finals.”  She was sure she’d lost.

Then as they announced the winners they got to 1st runner up and they hadn’t called her name.  It was only then that she realized she had won.  With the relief and excitement she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.