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Xtreme Downwinder Challenge 115km in DR – Cabarete to Buen Hombre

18 Sep , 2019  

Twelve kiteboarders took on a never before done Xtreme Challenge in the Dominican Republic! Kiteboarding over 117km along the beautiful northern coastline of the island, from Cabarete to Buen Hombre. it took +/- 6 hours. 8 of the 12 riders made it and it was the first time ever attempted. In the future we have other national as well international challenges to attempt.

It all started off as a joke between Charles Osterlund and Roberto Pereyra a couple months ago in May. One night after work they were talking about possible downwinders that could be done in the Dominican Republic. After talking about a few options in the local area, a crazy idea came about to kiteboard from Cabarete to Buen Hombre which sounded basically impossible… The only way to make the journey would be if the weather was just right along the entire coast and if the kiter would have the endurance to keep the speed required to make it on time before nightfall.

After doing some research they found out that the distance between Cabarete and Buen Hombre by sea is around 110km. The math came to be that if they maintained an average speed of 20 km/h they would arrive in around 5 hours and 30 minutes. This calculation was if everything went perfectly – from the wind starting early in the morning around 10:00 am – to the wind being equally strong along the coastline – to no equipment failures.

Watch the full video here