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Wrap Up: Alameda Demo Preview: Upcoming Demos

8 May , 2012  

For a spot that has a reputation for being a wind tease, Alameda has delivered every time Boardsports School hosts a demo with BAKS. By the time we had unloaded the car full of SUPS (there’s a total of 5 on there for anyone counting) the wind was already picking up enough for The Source.  Bruce got a brief ride on it before it was time to come in for the Bandit V. It was the typical gentle wind of Alameda.



Demo Day Tip: Get Your Coffee To Go

We were all set up and ready to go for demos, but it seemed everyone was still somewhere sipping their coffee.  I got almost a whole hour of kiting Alameda to myself before people started rolling in for the demo.  Get there early and you could have a great SUP session followed by a solid kiting session before the crowds.  I waited as long as I could to let a customer take the freshly opened 140 Trax out for it’s maiden voyage.  I just couldn’t resist!

Boards of the Day: Trax 140 and Fish Surf

Conditions were steady Alameda winds from 11:00 to about 3:30. It was a great day to try out all the different boards and kites for the conditions typical of Alameda – mid teen winds, little current, some chop.  In kites, intermediate kiters loved the BanditV while newer kiters preferred the Volt2.  In boards the Trax 140 lived up to it’s reputation for being a great twintip board for tracking upwind in lighter wind conditions.  In surf boards the Fish was the favorite for the conditions because of the surfboards it had the strongest upwind capabilities.  People were lining up to try that board.

Special thanks to Boardsports School for hosting the event!

  Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Demos

If you missed this opportunity to check out the F-One line of twintips, surf and SUP boards and the Bandit V and Volt2 kites mark your calendars for upcoming demo events hosted by Boardsports School

Saturday May 19 10am:  Santa Cruz Harbor (SUP only) hosted by Kayak Connection

Saturday June 3: Third Ave Upper Launch (Kiteboarding only) hosted by Boardsports School

Sunday June 4: Coyote Point (Kiteboarding, SUP and BBQ!) hosted by Boardsports School

For more information:  415-573-2619

Decisions. Decisions. Which board to try first?

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