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Wingfoiling with the Escape 530

7 May , 2021  

While the Escape 530 has more commonly been known as a high aspect kite foil for riders who want to go fast, it’s recently been gaining popularity as a wingfoiling hydrofoil by some of F-One’s smallest, lightest and most advanced wingfoilers. We caught up with Chris Macdonald of the F-One America Wing Grom Squad and F-One International team rider Titouan Galea to ask why they choose the Escape 530 for wingfoiling.

Why do you like Escape 530 for wingsurfing?                                                  
Chris: When I’m winging I choose the Escape 530 for many reasons. It is ridiculously fast and has a super loose carve feeling. It turns like a race car and jumps like a plane. It leaves the water with zero resistance.

Titouan: I like the Escape because it’s fast and incredibly very maneuverable.

What discipline do find the Escape 530 is best suited for?
Chris: The Escape 530 is built for advanced riders and stronger wind conditions. This wing is built for speed and agility. It is great for freestyle but also for staying on bigger, faster waves.

Titouan: The Escape is nice for jumping high and riding waves anywhere from 3 to 30 foot, but it’s a too small of a foil to use the energy of small waves while downwinding.

What board are you riding with the Escape 530?
Chris: I am riding a 4’2 28-liter Rocket Surf.

What is your favorite thing about winging with the Escape 530?
Chris: My favorite thing about the Escape 530 is its jumping ability. With other foils you can feel resistance while leaving the water but with with the Escape 530 its effortless!

How does the Escape 530 compare to the Mirage 800 for wingfoiling? 
Titouan: It’s much faster and maneuverable, but it’s also much harder to waterstart.

Is it hard to water start with the Escape 530?

Chris: Personally its not to hard for me. It comes up pretty quick, but at 95lbs., I’m also very light.

Is it hard to jump/land with the Escape 530?
Chris: No! It’s actually the best foil I’ve been on for jumping. It feels super light in the air and when I land its smooth and pops right back up.

What are the ideal conditions for riding the Escape 530?
Titouan: It’s nice to ride in 15 knots or more, but if it’s any lighter, it’s very difficult to waterstart. I also really like to use it in big waves.

Who is the Escape 530 best suited for?
Chris: The Escape 530 is built for advanced riders who want to go extremely fast and have insane turning ability. This wing is great for freestyle and is awesome on bigger waves.

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