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Why Choose the Rocket Wing ASC?

7 Jun , 2022  

Technical Specs

The ROCKET WING ASC is virtually the most durable and accessible foil board in our range. Ideal for discovering and progressing in wing foiling, this board benefits from our state-of-the-art Air Shield Composite technology.

The ROCKET WING ASC is available in five sizes:

5’0 – 60L (with strap inserts)
5’3 – 75L (with strap inserts)
5’5 – 90L (with strap inserts)
5’10 – 110L
6’2 – 130L

All are equipped with a recessed bottom handle for easy carrying, a full pad, rail savers, and the Twin-Tracks system to connect with most foils on the market.

Shape & Sensations

The ROCKET WING ASC is your ideal and trusted partner for any session and throughout your wing foiling journey. This board provides stability from side to side, impressive responsiveness, and an easy and smooth transition into flight.

It also features a straight optimized rocker line for an easy take-off and an intuitive ride. The sharp beveled rails and double concave hull shape will help you get up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdowns.

Construction Process

The ROCKET WING ASC benefits from one of the most advanced molding processes in the world, which also reduces production waste and increases shape accuracy.

An Air Shield Composite board is constructed around a lightweight injected EPS core molded to our original shape. The quantity of EPS balls is computer-controlled, which leads to consistent density and no waste. Steam moves equally through all the foam and results in an EPS blank which is then ready to use in the next steps without additional processing. There is indeed no need for shaping or finishing.

Next, it is laminated with a composite made of high-strength glass fiber, epoxy resin and a shield made of a high-quality protective topsheet layer.

The EPS blank is first laid up with cloth and epoxy resin. Epoxy resin releases fewer volatile compounds than traditional resin, and its quantity is once again computer-controlled so nothing is wasted. Afterwards, the multi-axial cloth is cut to size and wrapped around the blank, and its excess is recycled.

The extra durable topsheet with graphics is then added to the deck and bottom. It is a tough and extremely reliable material also used in the construction of our twin tip boards, as well as in most skis and snowboards on the market.

Finally, the board is pressed in a second aluminum mold specific to the model and size. The graphic sheet is trimmed off, with its excess recycled, the edges are sanded smooth, and the rails are painted before we glue on the full foam pad.


Thanks to its advanced construction, the ROCKET WING ASC board is as durable as it gets but is a bit heavier than a ROCKET WING. This is due to the transparent topsheet that brings strength and makes the boards incredibly tough to anything. No matter how many dings, bumps or falls you suffer on the board, it will handle it.

In short why should you choose our ROCKET WING ASC?

You will not find a board more durable.
You will enjoy an outstanding and specific shape akin to the ROCKET WING’s.
You can trust it throughout your wing foiling journey.
You will experience all the benefits from our superior ASC construction process.

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