What Our Riders Think: Rocket Wing-S

We caught up with some of our team riders to find out what they like so much about the Rocket Wing-S and why.

Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. For all of you who have experienced the thrills of the sport and want to continue improving, these boards will evidently take you to the next level. Gaining speed, reactivity and maneuverability, the ROCKET WING-S will lead to unmatched sensations.

The ROCKET WING-S boards are perfect for experienced riders who want to enjoy surf-like feelings in wing foiling and who seek to continuously push themselves on the water.

We caught up with some of our team riders to find out what they like so much about the ROCKET WING-S and why.

The board has a beautiful outline, the finish is flawless and the grip is excellent. Takeoff was easy, and the board was quite stable when I knelt to start. The volume up front was helping a lot for sure. It accelerated early and I was able to engage the foil right away. 

Once on the foil, the board was very responsive but controllable. It gave me the urge to take more aggressive lines and it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I had such a fun session on the 4’8 42L Rocket Wing-S Carbon.

Arnaud Vuillermet
Photo: Charles Dasher / @dasherfilms

I’ve been riding the 2022 F-One Rocket Wing-S 4’8 x 21” 42L board in the standard construction and one of the first things I liked about it is the surf-inspired outline which looks very similar to F-One’s Rocket Surf models. It has a rounded point nose with a forward wide point that tapers into a slightly pulled-in tail and ends with a rounded blunt shape. There’s also a significant amount of volume hiding in the domed nose area which helps bring the board up onto the surface of the water during takeoffs, touchdowns and hard landings. The recessed concave standing area allows me to feel locked into the board while the bottom contours release and deflect from the water very effectively. As a 158lb (72kg) rider coming from a background on the original Rocket Wing 4’8 44L, I feel the new Rocket Wing-S 4’8 lets me push my wave riding, carving and especially jumping to another level.

— Nate Scheu

I’ve used the Rocket Wing-S for three sessions and I already know it will be my top choice board for a very long time. Getting out of the water in water start position is easy thanks to the higher volume front part, the freedom while riding is unparalleled because of the lightness, and the ability to do tricks in the air is insane due to its small size and weight. It’s small size really allows it to bank easily and fast for sharper turns. I’m 15 and weigh around 130 pounds (60 kg) and the 4’6 36 liter board is perfect. It’s easy to get up and I don’t spend my entire session sitting in the water. I have the carbon version so I know for sure that I can use this board for the years to come without worrying about any type of snapping or breaking. For advanced people or people that are light, this board is the one I would recommend because of all of its advantages.

— Morgan Ostermann

I’ve ridden the 4’4 32L Rocket Wing-S carbon, 4’8 42L Rocket Wing-S carbon and the 3’6 20L Rocket Wing-S. I really like the two carbon boards for any condition. The bigger nose and concave deck really help for landing freestyle tricks cleaner and feeling comfortable on waves. It also leaves the water smoothly and feels strong and sturdy once your riding. I’ve only used the 3’6 Rocket Wing-S in super strong wind and for dock foiling, but the incredibly light bamboo design makes it a dream for pumping. 

— Chris MacDonald

This the board redefining the wing foiling sport for surf and freestyle. While in the beautiful Balearic islands in Spain, I was able to test this board in a lot of different conditions: low to strong winds, swell waves, flat water in estuaries and open seas. Its shape is a game changer: a domed nose and a deck recessed in the board with some curved rails and a double concave hull which give an added 3L than its cousin the Rocket Surf 4’6. The new design for a low volume board should not be a worry even for low wind sessions. I have tested this board paired with an HM 85cm mast, a Phantom 1080 and a Strike CWC 8m and at 155 lbs, I was able to get up and going in winds under 10 knots. While on your knees in water start position, the domed nose just reaches buoyancy to reduce any water friction you used to have with sinker boards. The Rocket Wing-S just wants to pop and go with the help of the double concaved hull. It is very impressive and effortless for water starts.

The recessed deck design allows for increased control and better maneuverability of the board by lowering your center of gravity which lets you to be more in sync with your foil. In stronger winds, it’s game time with small foils like the Phantom S 740! You won’t get stuck between sets of waves and end up in the whitewash. Getting up and going between falls has never been easier and even for those inevitable touchdowns, the domed nose gives you the assist you need to push the water out, pop back up and save you from wipeouts. The new design of this board with its nose and beveled rails are great features for landing tricks and popping back up in no time. This will push riders to try and practice new tricks while saving energy by pumping back up and avoiding a new water start. The carbon version of the Rocket Wing-S is also very welcomed as it is slightly lighter and can take a beating while landing big jumps or aerial rotations.

— Gael Espeche

The Rocket Wing-S is available in 20L, 24L, 32L, 36L, 42L, 48L and 54L