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What Are They Riding – Surf Foil Edition

17 May , 2022   Video

What were they riding?

Surf foiling has changed the game by allowing riders to endlessly connect waves and to surf for hours on end, no matter how mellow or steep the waves are. Mizo Novaes, Marcela Witt, Titouan Galea and Hendrick Lopes couldn’t turn down the opportunity to shred on some of the best waves of Cape Verde.
Find out what they were riding during their surf foiling sessions there!

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4’2 x 19” — 129 x 48.2 CM — 28 L

The ROCKET SURF lets our riders make the most of their surf. Specifically designed for surf foiling, this balanced and maneuverable board will help you catch any waves at any time, take-off easily and carve with maximum control.

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The PHANTOM S, with an AR of 6.5 and surface areas below 1000cm², makes it effortless to go faster while surfing, bigger on aerials, and to engage in sharper turns.

The versatile PHANTOM foil is a must-have. It does everything, and well. Its 6.0 aspect ratio and medium span guarantees performance, glide, and maneuverability for surfing.

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