Trigger or Bullit? The Choice is yours.

Discover F-One's two BIG AIR Kites!

In this new era of Big Air kiteboarding, riders are committing to push the absolute limit of the discipline. In turn, the expectations and demands of a kite have changed, with a never-before-seen need for reliability, high maneuverability, and sharp steering.

As a result of this evolution and through its Sail Engineering, F-ONE has developed two Big Air kites that will meet the needs of every rider looking to progress in the discipline: the TRIGGER, our brand-new kite, and the BULLIT, now available in its latest version.

The TRIGGER is the ultimate weapon to boost big and will take you back upwind in no time. Designed to perform, its high aspect and five-strut frame can handle tons of power while offering precise handling for impeccably targeted sends.It is available in seven sizes, from 6m² to 12m².

The TRIGGER is the most user-friendly of our Big Air kites and is great in all conditions. It will shine in winds of 12 knots and above, as well as in flat waters and choppy spots.

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Adrenaline junkies, the BULLIT will give you the fix you need. Now with five struts, this is the kite you need to take you up off natural kickers and send committed loops as it turns quickly and catches you early. The BULLIT is made to fearlessly face gusty winds and massive kickers with more comfort than any other F-ONE kite. It is purely for mighty Big Air sessions.

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