TKB Review: 2019 F-One Slice – “Loved this board — I want one. Great shape, nice pads, turns well, good construction with no downsides.”

2019 F-One Slice kite surfboard reviewed by The Kiteboarder Magazine - Available sizes: 5’1 x 17.9″ 21.5L & 5’3 x 18.3″ 22.5L

March 8, 2019


F-One Slice Flex
Sizes Available: 5’1 x 17.9″ 21.5L, 5’3 x 18.3″ 22.5L
Sizes Tested: 5’3 x 18.3″ 22.5L

F-One Says:

The board has a straighter rocker and a parallel outline, which fades into a dynamic winger tail to increase its maneuverability. The squared off nose keeps the length to a minimum, and the volume along with the thickness of the SLICE have been specifically tailored for kiting to ensure the highest possible level of performance. Underneath you’ll find a single concave with central channel which has been extended and now runs along the entire length for more directional stability.

We’ve kept the rails of the board thin to allow you to hold a better edge and also to increase the pop, making freestyle tricks easier. The distinct kick in the rocker line around the fins has been emphasized to get more pop out of the board. The nose is pulled up slightly to help nailing the landings while the long channel provides the stability required. The board delivers plenty of speed, both on flat water, for tricks, and in the waves too. The flatter rocker line enables the board to carry itself through weaker sections of the wave and the thin rails and pulled in winger tail make for dynamic turns on the face. The thruster fin set up offers maximum versatility across a wide range of conditions, while also making the board easier to use.

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Our Testers Say:

“Fun with small waves and chop. Responds to every ripple, feels like a longer board, very stable, great for dialing new moves.” // Dylan Dobbyn

“Loved this board — I want one. Great shape, nice pads, turns well, good construction with no downsides.” // Kiter Mike

“Very loose and skatey. Loved the pads and easy on the heels for landings. Bottom contour absorbs landings as well, great for strapless freestyle more so than waves.” // Dray Murray

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Tkb Says:
The Slice is F-One’s take on the tomo/modern planing hull/cutoff nose concept. We tested the 5’3” size in the Flex construction with the thruster fin setup and full length concave with a single channel running through the entire board. The Slice features winglets and a pulled tail that F-One calls its dynamic winger tail which increases the turning you get out of the tail. The Slice is a pretty active board with an active rail that bobs through the chop, so it really helps to use a bit of front foot pressure to keep the rail solidly engaged when riding these type of conditons. The Slice feels a bit narrower than some of the other modern planing hull shapes that we tested and the winger tail makes the board very reactive when you lay it into a turn. Just a little bit of back foot pressure goes a long way with this board. In terms of aerials, the tail shape and rocker has good pop and the ESL versions delivers a weight that is middle of the road, which means it’s not quite as light as the carbon version e.g. it takes a bit more effort to get some amplitude in airs and it doesn’t stay connected to your feet quite as long without really using the angle of the board and wind to maintain compression — popping it out of the water and keeping it on your feet is a little more challenging. The Slice’s Flex version comes with a ¾ length deck pad and it has inserts for straps with two for aft options, a single down the center front strap and two duct options on the tail. The ¾ diamond grip deck pad features a nice toe bump on the front and a tail kick at the end to keep your feet connected to the board. This construction feels as if it has a slightly softer flex than the carbon version we’ve tested, but also a bit more weight which makes it more of an all-arounder for freeriding and small surf with decent capabilities for strapless freestyle.

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