TKB Review: 2019 F-One LINX Bar v2

Find out what The Kiteboarder Mag has to say about the New Linx Bar from F-One!


The Bandit & Breeze came with the Linx v2 control bar which had a significant redesign last year. The control bar is a dual adjustable length bar that comes in two sizes (38/45cm and 45/52cm) and features a new single center line safety depower that flags the kite on one line and an option to switch between low and high V (high V for the Bandit kite and low V for the Furtive/breeze – note that you have to thread the entire length of one center line through a small piece of hardware mounted high up to switch modes). The center lines end in loops and the outside lines end in loops as well and the flying lines do not have any built-in extensions. The Linx features an above the bar cleat for adjusting power and a plastic-coated trim/throw line for durability.

F-One v2 Linx Bar v2

There is no sliding stopper and while you cannot adjust the length of the bar throw along the plastic, you can adjust the distance to the power tuning cleat. The quick release was also redesigned last year to feature a built-in swivel above the push release which also works as a travel guard. The release and reset process is a two-handed process. When you slide the release handle away from you it locks into position, to reset, you place the loop back into the gate, then raise the release handle with one hand and use the thumb of your other hand to push the locking gate down while letting go of the release handle to slide back into place. While it’s not automatic, with some practice it becomes intuitive, reliable, quick and easy. The below the bar stainless steel ball bearing swivel rotates easily and allows you to untwist your front lines after rotational tricks with no problems. The bar ends feature integrated floats with retractable bar bungees and the outside lines can be adjusted for stretch. The Linx comes with an additional float above the center lines, this is to maintain positive buoyancy if you become disconnected with your bar. With some effort you can pull out the bar end inserts from the bottom and adjust the outside line length between 5 knots as well as the bar width. Testers liked the new grip, noting that the diameter is on the small side with a asymetircal ridge on top that makes for a smooth ergonomic grip with a printed rubbery feel. The grip is firm underneath and a bit more cushy on the top where your fingers wrap around the bar. Overall, the Linx gets excellent feedback for comfort, options and performance.

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