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TKB Product Reviews: 2018 F-One & Manera

6 Dec , 2017   Video

Source: thekiteboarder.com
December 6, 2017

Tkb lands an interview with F-One front man Raphael Salles at the F-One Dakhla Dealer Meeting. Raphael takes us through the latest changes to the Bandit in its 11th year as well as the complete redesign of its control bar which is designed to work across the entire F-One line of kites. Video Link

Catching up with Charles Bertrand at the 2018 F-One Dealer’s Meeting in Dakhla Morocco. Charles walks us through the latest changes to the F-One twin tip lineup, including the F-One speed racing board.

Charles Bertrand walks the Tkb team through F-One’s 2018 lineup of surfboards, including the Mitu Pro in three different construction offerings, the all new Slice strapless freestyle model and the Signature.

Lead designer on all things foil at F-One, Charles Bertrand walks Tkb through the current foil collection, explaining how to choose a foil wing as well as picking a mast height.

Brand Manager Julien Salles walks Tkb through the Union, the latest addition to the Manera line of harnesses while touching upon the biggest tech features in Manera’s 2018 line of wetsuits.

For more information on F-One & Manera products check out the 2018 Buyer’s Guide at www.thekiteboarder.com or view our 2018 Collection Resources below.


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