Time to Score – The BANDIT S4 is Out

Enjoy the BANDIT S4’s easy-to-fly nature, impeccable handling, and ultimate power control in all conditions, and improve your surfing skills in no time.

Time to score with the BANDIT S4, the true partner to the surfboard rider.

Enjoy the BANDIT S4’s easy-to-fly nature, impeccable handling, and ultimate power control in all conditions, and improve your surfing skills in no time.

Using F-ONE’s Sail Engineering, the kite’s entire profile has been smoothed out so it offers sharper performances, resulting in a highly responsive and intuitive kite capable of super drift.

  • Smooth profile and controlled deformation for incredible flying abilities
  • Absolute control at all times
  • Intuitive traction
  • Amazing turning response when sheeted out
  • Instant depower to forget about your kite when surfing
  • Lighter and even more precise

With extensive Sail Engineering work, the profile of the BANDIT S4 is as smooth as ever, and the kite behaves in the air exactly the way it was intended to, no matter the conditions.

What’s New?

By focusing on controlling the kite’s shape as well as the forces and tensions applied to it, our R&D team aimed to provide every customer with the most intuitive ride.

1. Staggered seams

The team has worked on leveling the entire profile with the new innovative staggered seams on the trailing edge. These break the kite’s back line tension by balancing the stiffness between seams and cloth, which helps distribute the load over a wider area, and maintains the original shape even under high loads. We kept the fabric’s orientation towards tension as well.

2. New Fabric Weights on the Trailing Edge

On the back of the profile, the two vertical TECHNOFORCE 52 panels have been changed to one, and on sizes 8m² and smaller we developed a new TECHNOFORCE 66 panel. It is stronger and more resistant on elongation so it offers better control of the profile on smaller sizes for higher winds.

On sizes 9m² and above, we have kept the TECHNOFORCE 52 to guarantee lightness, as well as the two layers of TECHNOFORCE 52 canopy.

3. Sleeker Strut Reinforcements

The strut reinforcements are now super sleek as well thanks to the Kevlar strip on the top. This improves the kite’s steering and maneuverability, reduces the aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite once wet.

4. Bridles & Pulleys

Our 4 point connection bridle and two pulleys help keep the arc stable even in overpowered conditions.

The new, CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum low friction pulleys are super lightweight and increase the kite’s reactivity. They also raise the bridle’s resistance to abrasion and its overall durability.


Thanks to our perfectly fine-tuned Sail Engineering, including the staggered seams and new fabric weights, the new BANDIT S4 offers impressive efficiency, stability, and performance.

The BANDIT S4 follows your every move in total control. The kite never surges in power if you throw it in the window; it simply allows you to kite smoothly in the right position and ride by feel.

It provides a more subtle ride as well as a constant connection with your board. You are not being pulled away, nor are your trajectories being disturbed.