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There will be wind, there will be waves

24 Mar , 2020  

Most of us have never lived such uncertain times. One thing is certain, at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be wind and there will be waves.

We are so lucky to be passionate about the ocean. We can look forward to so many things: the next session with your friends, the next move you will land, the next trip you will take. 

Be safe, stay healthy and be kind to one another. It has never been so easy to help people, please stay home. Respect your local authorities instructions and may the crisis be behind us pretty soon. 

All our thoughts are with the victims of the virus, their families and the medical staff battling the outbreak. 

There’s no stopping us, the F-ONE team still works every day during these troubled time on your favorite products. We have many things coming out soon !

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 Your F-ONE Team

Your F-One Team

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