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The Kiteboarder’s review of the Ocean DOLPHIN Helmet

14 Mar , 2013  

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Ocean Dolphin Helmet

Ocean Dolphin Helmet

Snug, comfortable fit is ideal for use in the waves. Water Drainage System comfortably and quickly gets water out of the helmet. $79,

After watching him shooting photos of kiteboarders from the water sans helmet, Nico Ostermann, North American distributor for Ocean Glasses and Helmets, sent our tester an Ocean Dolphin helmet to use to protect his dome from the boards and fins of his subjects.

Ocean offers three different helmets. The Dolphin features the most snug fit of the line. The Bull helmet features removable ear guards for use in warmer conditions and the Rhino offers the most protection of the three helmets. All three helmets are available in a variety of colors. Learn more about the Ocean helmet line here.

Ocean Dolphin Helmet

All of the Ocean helmets feature their Water Drainage System that is made up of five long, narrow vents along the top and back of the helmet. This is a welcome addition for anyone who has tried to wear a helmet not designed specifically for water use when going through surf or hitting the water hard. Helmets not designed for the water can feel like a bucket trying to rip your head off when they fill with water.

The Dolphin is a snug-fitting helmet that features an easy adjustable and padded chin strap and ear holes that can be opened or closed. Our tester really appreciated the ear holes. In cold water it’s nice to be able to close them to not have wind blowing into your ear, but it’s also a great advantage to be able to quickly open them to better hear other people.

The Dolphin shipped with a pack of additional pads that can be added to the inside of the helmet to customize the fit and also included a soft bag to store the helmet in. Our tester commented that this was a nice addition as helmets tend to take the most abuse when not actually being worn.

Ocean Helmet Review

Our tester used the Dolphin for both kiteboarding and swimming through the surf with his camera. He reported this helmet to be comfortable, warm, and unobtrusive. The Dolphin’s venting system seems to work very well as our tester commented that the helmet stayed put and never felt like it was trying to pull away while diving under waves.

Luckily, our tester has not yet tested the impact protection of this helmet, but the ABS plastic outer shell feels just as substantial as any other helmets we’ve used.