Tested: TKB Reviews the F-One Slice 5’3 “Fast turns, nice light weight, good chop handling”

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MARCH 17, 2018
Sizes Available: 5’1”/19.5L, 5’3″/22L
Sizes Tested: 5’3”/22L (HD Foam Flex Composite)

F-One Says:
The all new Slice is set to get some pulses racing this year, designed as a strapless freestyle weapon for our top pro riders it’s also an easy and intuitive board to ride in the waves as well. The board has a straighter rocker and a parallel outline, which fades into a dynamic winger tail to increase its maneuverability. The squared off nose keeps the length to a minimum, and there are two sizes for you to choose from. The 5’3″ is perfect for larger riders over 75kg who would usually ride a board around 5’8″ while the 5’1″ is ideal for smaller riders.

The board delivers plenty of speed, both on flat water, for tricks, and in the waves too. The flatter rocker line enables the board to carry itself through weaker sections of the wave and the thin rails and pulled in winger tail make for dynamic turns on the face. The thruster fin set up offers maximum versatility across a wide range of conditions, while also making the board easier to use.

The Slice is best suited to small and medium sized waves and excels when the conditions are onshore, and the waves aren’t too powerful. The increased speed offered by the board allows you to negotiate the wave without relying on its power as much. For strapless freestyle riding, we think it’s one of the best boards out there.

Visit for more info: www.f-onekites.com/Products/Surfs/Produit/SLICE

Our Testers Say:
“Nice looking surfboard, fun ride and easy to carve around. Bigger riders will need a little bit more wind to make this board work, but endless fun once you’re in the zone. // Marko Bartscherer

Really easy to waterstart, super flat bottom makes it skatey, but weight transfer holds the edge well. Fast turns, nice light weight, good chop handling, takes more power to go upwind.” // Chris Myles

“The Slice has a fairly flat rocker and tends to plane easy.” // Davey Beard

Tkb Says:
The Slice is F-One’s new design for strapless freestyle and general freeride. Compared to many of the compact surf designs we tested, the Slice has a fairly narrow template that offers a little less volume. As a result, it cuts through chop a bit better and doesn’t feel so bouncy or corky, but does tend to want a little bit more power from the kite. The Slice feels right at home on a rail charging upwind with a fairly locked in grippy feel, but when you stomp on the tail it has a really tight carving arc that is very responsive. Overall, the Slice feels efficient in the water despite its volume and width, and yet not as grippy as some of the other boards which makes it more playful and perhaps a bit more user-friendly for freestyle. The board’s weight feels good in the HD Foam Flex Composite although you can get this in the lighter but stiffer carbon construction, but in terms of flex, this board strikes a good balance between reactivity/flex and durability. The Slice features a stock deckpad that offers a good balance between plushness and control. The deckpad stretches from the tail up through ¾ of the board and features a nice subtle bump up front and a tail kick on the back. Up front there are two strap insert options up the center of the board and on the back there are two options forward and aft with duck on either side to suit your favored stance.

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