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TESTED: Billy Ackerman reviews the new MAGNET Carbon

3 Jul , 2020  

Rider and Author: Billy Ackerman – Location: Crissy Field, California

The Magnet was clearly designed to impress, starting with its black sheer presentation and unbelievably lightweight construction which is evident the first time holding the board. 


  • 4’11 x 18.1” – 11L – 5.8 lbs with full pad + 3x Flow Fins XS
  • 5’1 x 18.5” – 11.5L – 6 lbs with full pad + 3x Flow Fins XS
Magnet comes in two sizes: 4’11 and 5’11

First impressions aren’t everything though when it comes to gear, and I am pleased to say that the more time I spent on this board the more I realized its unique specs that makes it a top strapless freestyle board.

The Slim Tech Carbon Custom construction offers a happy medium between resilience, flex, and light weight, allowing you to stomp huge tricks without the fear of damaging the board. Featuring an extreme thin profile, parallel rails, balanced nose and tail shape with a flat rocker, this board is ready for all aspiring strapless freestyle riders.

On the bottom we have a Thruster fin configuration with futures fin boxes and defined channels throughout the length of the board for optimum grip and control.

In North America F-One Surfboards are sold board only, and you can choose to add a set of recommended Honeycomb Flow Fins – XS. You can also use any of your favorite Futures surf fins.

A new thin, grooved deck traction pad with generous coverage wraps the top and is a huge upgrade for the surf line-up. This is the thinnest and best traction material out, creating an impressive and comfortable grip whether barefoot or wearing surf booties.  I have been riding this board barefoot and absolutely love the new traction coming from a strict wax only riding style. Have not skipped off or slipped once when loading up for a jump or coming down on a fast landing. It really gives a proper feel and security that the board will stay on your feet through each maneuver. 


The thin rail and compact shape lend itself to a lower center of gravity than other surf boards, which makes it extremely responsive and balanced in the air and is a natural progression for anyone coming from a twin tip background. In the air- I feel as if I can spin faster than ever before. Stable on the surface and excellent control when carrying good speed through choppy conditions. The way you edge against this board and the control you can carry through the water into the air, feels direct and right at home from my first session.

I look forward to learning new tricks and polishing off accomplished moves with better style than ever before on the new Magnet.