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Bandit 3 10m review

2 Mar , 2010  

This review of the F-One Bandit III 10m is from Vali, owner and founder of EAST KB forum.

” I had a chance to ride a 10 m for 2 days in Islamorada.

And here is my feedback:
Out of the bag the kite looks great. I appreciate the high quality work on the product and the cool graphics.

I didn’t play with any settings on the bar. I simply inflated (one pump works great), connected the bar and was off to play. The wind was between 15 and 22 knots, which seemed to hit the sweet spot for this size kite. If you think that the Dos is a fast kite, this will really blow your mind.
I think a huge factor is the fact that the bar pressure is a lot less than the 2009 version. I am not a great freestyler, so I cannot speak as much about the properties from this aspect, but I can tell you that this kite can jump. If you send it hard it, will rip you out of the water and take you to the stratosphere. And it will give you enough time while you are up in the air to check out the landscape. Due to the light bar pressure, just be careful not to over send the kite.

Looping it is simply awesome! While the Dos turned more around the tips and had powerful horizontal pull, the Tres loops much more smoothly and in a more constant loop, similar to a ckite. Relaunching the kite requires the same technique as on any delta kite. Pull one of the back lines and wait for the kite to migrate towards one side. If you keep pulling, the kite will relaunch from the water. In light wind conditions it helps if you swim towards the kite while you pull the back line. The wingtip will catch air faster and the kite will go up.
Overall I love my Tres. It’s a much smoother, faster and user friendly kite.”

Credit Photo: Akay Miller