Tech Focus on the Manera Halo | IKSURFMAG

iKsurf catches up with Julien Salles to learn more about the Manera Halo.

The latest exciting product to hit the market is the Manera HALO, a harness that is as eye-catching as it is technology-driven. IKSURFMAG caught up with Julien Salles to tell readers more about it in this Tech Focus feature!

The new Manera HALO looks like a harness from the future! What inspired the design?

Well, several things, actually! When working on the ECLIPSE a few years ago, we developed the ADAPTIVE SHELL technology, which is pretty much a shell that features stiffness where you need support, and flex where you need comfort.

We thought that maybe we could separate these two functions into two separate parts; Kind of like a hammock where the user lies on a comfy soft part held by a stiff structure that maintains its shape. Also most ergonomic office chairs use a similar technology today, as well as some snowboard bindings. We pushed the design to be as efficient as possible and the result defiantly does not look like a standard harness!

Read the rest of the interview in IKSURFMAG’s issue 90 HERE.