Team Rider Andrew Crane on the 2014 MADEIRO Pro Carbon SUP

F-One has released a Pro Carbon series featuring the most innovative performance in SUP surfing! Find out why the all NEW 7'7" x 27 is Andrew's go to shred sled!

For 2014 F-ONE has released a Madeiro Pro Carbon series featuring the most innovative performance in SUP surfing! Check out team rider Andrew Crane’s Full review on the all new Maderio Pro Carbon!

Team Rider: Andrew Crane
Location: Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Board: Pro Carbon Madeiro 7’7″ x 27

The newly redesigned Madeiro has finally landed! This board has been completely re-designed, featuring a narrower outline, more nose and tail rocker, rounded squash tail, 5-fin convertible setup, mellower bottom rail bevel (chined rail) and best of all FULL CARBON construction. This board is the fastest SUP I have ever surfed, it’s more stable, goes rail-to-rail, and boost’s above the lip like no other board I have ever ridden.

At first glance, these boards are beautiful!! Nice new graphics, color scheme and traction pad design. Looking over the board the shape looks perfect featuring a rounded squash tale and narrower outline. The carrying handle is the same as last years, very nice and deep, making it easy to grab, transport, and carry the board to and from the beach. This board is extremely light!

I weigh in at 155lbs, so I am a lighter rider but I felt incredibly stable on this board! There seems to be a redistribution of foam in the standing area, along with the rocker, and less of a chined rail making this board not only easier to stand on than the previous model but a full-on short board performance ride!! The first thing I noticed was it paddles very fast and super stable for a  boards in the sub 8ft range.

I love this board and I will not be sharing it anytime soon! I would highly recommend trying one of these boards if you are looking to improve, and take your SUP surfing skills to the next level. Check one out!! Once you try it you won’t want to give it back.

The 2014 Madeiro Pro Carbon is available in 7’5”x 26, 7’7”x 27, and 7’11”x 28 check out the full F-One SUP line-up at your local retailer!!

MADEIRO PRO 7 7_27 top.MADEIRO PRO 7 7_27 bottom.MADEIRO PRO 7 7_27 rail.

Pro Carbon Madeiro 7’7″ x 27