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TKB REVIEW: MANERA X10D 5/4/3 “super comfortable materials with added flexibility”

23 Dec , 2020  

For us the decision is clear. With water temps hovering in the low to upper 50s, the 5/4/3 X10D does an excellent job of keeping us warm while adding a significant amount of flexibility. This extra stretchy feel encourages you to move and you feel this freedom when suiting up at your car, reaching down to grab some rail or paddling back out at the end of a long but warm session.

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STAB Mag Recommends the Manera X10 Wetsuit

27 Mar , 2020  

Well known and (very) opinionated surf magazine STAB just added the MANERA X10 wetsuit in their latest “Stab Recommends” edit. Wow!

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FOCUS: New MANERA 2019 Wetsuits Collection

2 Oct , 2018  

Our 2019 neoprene collection is in now in stock, contact your favorite dealer ! Our renowned Kiteboarding wetsuits are now built with Airfoam neoprene, making it lighter than ever. Bring an end to frozen & frustrated sessions, discover the range on

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Now Available – Manera Spring 2018 Men & Women’s Wetsuit Range

16 Mar , 2018   Gallery

MANERA Wetsuits spring and summer collection are now available, including the new X10D Long Sleeves 3/2 Men + Women and X10D Short Sleeves 2/2 Men. Our entire 2018 Manera collection is ready to ship! Visit or contact your local Manera Dealer to learn more and order yours today. Mens X10D LS & SS (Long Sleve […]


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Get ready for the winter with the new Manera wetsuits

12 Oct , 2016  

Winter is coming ! and the MANERA Fall / Winter Wetsuits too ! BAKS staff member Vincent Nicolas could not wait to put his new X10D 5/4/3 to use in cold Ocean Beach in San Francisco. MANERA makes basically 2 x models, the MAGMA and the X10D. Both use the same patterns and the same neoprene foam. The difference is that the MAGMA is very warm with fleece inside and use the Square Flex skin on the outside, where the X10D inside layer is a more traditional jersey ad Re-Flex skin, an extremely stretchy outside layer. You can summarize the two with the MAGMA being our premium wetsuit, the warmest of all with the best outside skin on the market, and the X10D being the most flexible of all at a very competitive price.

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Manera Wetsuits Spring & Summer models in stock !

9 May , 2016   Gallery

With the arrival a few days ago of the Spring & Summer models of the 2016 MANERA Wetsuits collection, we now have all models and sizes in stock. if you are in Northern California and further north, with still cold water,you might want to stick to our 4/3 or 5/4/3 models, but if you are in the Southern part of the country or for SUPing in general, the 3/2 full suit or 3/2 and 3/2 shorties will be perfect. There is a model for everybody and every conditions. Check the full collection. The built and fit of those suits is insane, you need to try them !

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16 Feb , 2016   Gallery

OG from Covewater Sports in Santa Cruz gives his thoughts on the 2016 MANERA METOR Wetsuit Range! Get the first hand insight from an industry insider and learn why “cold is no longer an excuse.”


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15 Feb , 2016   Video

“Real cold water lovers, they know.” Introducing the 2016 MANERA Wetsuit Range for Men and Women.

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