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15 Nov , 2020   Video

2020, a year like no others.
A year where life as we have known it doesn’t exist anymore.
Luckily we are passionate about the ocean.
This means that even when we are stuck at home not being able to ride, we always have something to look forward to.


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Antandroy – People of the thorns – more than a kite trip, a timeless journey.

27 Oct , 2011  

“We shared our two worlds: we surfed on extreme and beautiful spots, and tried to introduce them to our passion; on the other hand, they opened the doors of their village, their customs, their way of life. Nobody comes back from Lavanono untouched, inevitably we all leave a small piece of our heart.”


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New F-ONE movies ! Be My Guest – Episode I

21 Apr , 2011  

Alex Caizergues answered to the invitation of our dominican riders Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario, to share a freestyle session in La Boca. More episodes coming up ! Stay tuned !

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Self Landing a F-One Bandit 3 / Bandit 4

21 Mar , 2011  

Tutorial – How to self land a delta kite Bandit 3 and Bandit 4

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2011 F-One Airlite bar – video presentation by Julian Hosp

30 Nov , 2010  

Julian Hosp, F-One team rider, did a video presentation of the new 2011 Airlite bar, and showing us how to trim it, use the freestyle setup, and some more tips of how to use it properly and safely!

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Video 2010 Revolt 9m

1 May , 2010  

F-One dealer Cosmic Kites sent us a video of the new 2010 Revolt 9m, shot with a GoPro camera around New York.