In Stock now! Explore this classic twintip.
The perfect board for freeride and twin tip beginners, as well as light wind days.
In Stock Now! Explore the ultimate freeride and freestyle board.
Leave your mark, rider longer than ever before, and stand out on the water with F-ONE’s 2023 twintip collection.
The Kiteboarder Magazine reviews F-One's Trax Carbon twintip.
The Big One is a very specific board which offers the rider the ultimate early planing surface area with super grippy and reliable footing for light wind sessions. The Big One has really solid tracking with a rail that bites into the water on upwind tacks. Its significant bottom shape works with the fins to give you a really locked-in feel that keeps the Big One on track.
The WTF?! remains true to its freestyle form with a noticeable rocker, heavier wood core, a rounder template and full tips that are designed to offer the best load/pop and release for maximum amplitude. The WTF?! has a potato chip skatey-ness and a stiffer load and pop flex pattern that targets tour freestyle-type riding, yet the response from our testers indicates that the WTF?! has enough range that it can be really fun for more aggressive freeride kiters. We recommend beginner and casual freeride kiters take a second look
For 2015 FONE released the second year of the SPICY! This Twin Tip kiteboard is perfectly suited for boots and full blown wake style riding!
The ACID HRD GIRL Edition is the female teams go to ride! Check out all the new specs on the 2015 ACID Girl.
The ACID twintip kiteboard has a ultra smooth and balanced feel for maximum comfort while riding. Also offered in a "GIRL" Version Check out the full video!!
Everything you need to know about the 2014 HRD CARBON ACID!! Ultimate Pro New-School weapon of choice!
The 2014 CARBON TRAX HRD is a state of the art freestyle board, check out the full video!!