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15 Dec , 2016  

While F-One has been around since the very beginning, it is now celebrating 10 years of production of their signature Bandit kite. As the company continues to improve and refine the 2017 Bandit, this year it has added a full line of Foilboard products that explore every niche of the hydrofoiling market. In addition to a new kite and some tech tweaks to the twin tips, F-One is also launching the Mitu Surfboard in a long awaited and exciting carbon construction. Owner/Founder/Designer Raphael Salles walks us through the highlights of F-One’s 2017 lineup.


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TKB: F-One Interview with Founder Raphael Salles

13 Sep , 2016   Video

The Kiteboarder editors were on deck at Surf Expo to hear from F-One & Manera founder & CEO Raphaël Salles and Charles Bertrand (head designer for the boards and foils) about the new collection. This is a great preview to hear directly from the designers.

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NEXT LW: The best of both worlds

22 Jul , 2016   Gallery

This is the LW version of F-One’s popular Next twin tip with an all new pad/strap system and fresh graphics for 2016. The Next LW is a biaxial glass and wood construction deck with F-One’s unique reverse profile surf rail and rounded template. The Next LW comes in two sizes; we tested the larger. It takes the upside of a skim board and combines these traits with an easy-to-use kiteboard that works well in the lightest of conditions.

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Demo Tour: 14Th Annual Pismo Beach KiteXpo – April 15-17 2016

10 Mar , 2016  

Can’t believe it has been 14 years already ! F-One and Manera will come to present the whole 2016 Kite and Sup collection and also to support our friends at The Kiteboarder magazine and XtremeBigAir in their fundraising effort for Kinsley. This is a great place and moment to try out all the gear, whether you are a dealer / school or a kiteboarder and/or paddle boarder. And you will have a chance to win a shiny new F-One Signature 6’0 Surfboard !


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EVENT: 13th Annual PismoBeach KiteXpo April 10-12

24 Feb , 2015  

BAKS crew will be attending the 13th annual Kite and SUP expo in Pismo Beach, California. We hope to see as many riders as possible. It’s a fun event and a great location to ride (sup morning session and kiting later in the day) We will have all the latest F-One kiteboarding and SUP gear on the beach for you to try for free.

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TKB Tester: The Bandit stole my vote for best kite of the day

10 Feb , 2015  

TKB Review: 2015 F-ONE BANDIT February 10, 2015 Source: http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2015/02/tkb-review-2015-f-one-bandit-2/ F-ONE Bandit Sizes Available: Sizes Tested: F-one Says: The 2015 Bandit has undergone a complete redesign in terms of fabric usage, layout, while improvements in the canopy profile and a brand new 4-point bridle offer greater stability, a clean and direct bar feeling with more forward traction […]


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Surf Expo 2014 Recap – Introducing the 2015 F-ONE line-up

12 Sep , 2014   Video

The industry’s most well-known brands gathered to offer visitors a preview of what’s to come in their product lines for 2015. Check out the awesome pics and videos from the F-ONE crew at the 2014 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida!

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Mika on the cover of latest Kiteboarder issue + Raph interview

15 Apr , 2014  

Don’t miss latest issue of The Kiteboarder mag #11 – Aside from this great cover of Mika doing his thing in the Mauritius lagoon this past September, there is an extensive interview with Raphael Salles.

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2014 Buyers Guide featuring Underwave

25 Nov , 2013  

The Kiteboarder 2014 Buyers Guide: Underwave

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The Kiteboarder Magazine features 2013 F-ONE SURF EXPO Booth!

25 Nov , 2013  

Nicolas Ostermann fills us in on the 2014 F-ONE Gear line-up with The Kiteboarder Magazine!

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The Kiteboarder 2014 Buyers Guide featuring F-ONE

21 Nov , 2013  

The seventh generation of the popular Bandit has been completely redesigned by a new designer and the twin tip line now features HRD rails, a radical new rail shape for kiteboards. Read the full…


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The Kiteboarder Review: Underwave Harness

12 Jul , 2012  

Original Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine June 15, 2012 Using an air-tight pouch within the shell, the Imperial harness molds to your back when you pump the air out of it, creating a truly customized fit. $269 www.underwave.info. Visit Bay Area Kitesurf for information about this product in North America.  The Underwave Imperial Vacuum Harness is […]

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