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2014 F-ONE Signature Surf Series VIDEO

25 Nov , 2013  

The Signature Surf Series is designed for pure wave riding! Check out the 2014 Line-up.


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2014 F-One Surfboards Collection

18 Oct , 2013  

For 2014, the F-One Surfboards has been entirely revamped with the introduction of the new Mitu Pro collection, a new deck construction and some more innovative features.

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Signature 5’10 is F-One most versatile surfboard

31 May , 2013   Gallery

For a board that is so light I can’t believe how strong it is. I can not ask for anything more in a strapless board. I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on.


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SBC Kiteboarding tests the Signature 5’10

29 May , 2013  

The 5’10” Signature is all about comfort and control at high speeds. Its surf shape is designed to handle strong wind and down-the-line wave riding.


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Alec Dektor’s favorite board: Signature 6’0 Quad

5 Apr , 2013   Gallery

I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on. Whether you are learning or experienced on a surfboard and whether you ride straps or not, you can not go wrong with this board.

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BAKS reviews the 2013 Surf 6’2

28 Mar , 2013  

My go to board for both paddle surfing and of course kitesurfing – this board provides the best of both worlds in one very stylish package , including F-Ones standard full bamboo construction with V bottom , wider nose + future fin thruster set up.


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Tutorial: Front side off the lip with Alec Dektor

14 May , 2012   Video

The basic frontside off the lip is every rider’s introduction to riding a wave with a kite. A good top turn involves a lot of timing between your kite, your board position, and the wave and it can take some time to pull it all together.


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Wrap Up: Alameda Demo Preview: Upcoming Demos

8 May , 2012  

For a spot that has a reputation for being a wind tease, Alameda has delivered every time Boardsports School hosts a demo with BAKS. By the time we had unloaded the car full of SUPS (there’s a total of 5 on there for anyone counting) the wind was already picking up enough for The Source.  […]

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How to choose the right Surfboard?

31 Mar , 2011  

This 2011 surf buyer guide Q&A will help you out decide… also don’t hesitate to ask us directly.


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How to setup your adjustable surf straps?

10 Feb , 2011  

How to setup adjustable surf straps

How to setup your adjustable surf straps using the new strap lock systems. Available on 2011 series.

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AWSI – 2011 F-One board line – Video

19 Sep , 2010  

2010 AWSI – Nico Ostermann, F-One Kites Americas, shows off the 2011 board line from F-One kiteboarding. Video The Kiteboarder Mag.

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Kiting in the surf – weapons of choice

10 May , 2010  

Brian Friedmann is one of the best rider at Wadell and has extensive knowledge and experience for riding in the waves. Very interesting insights…

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