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Titouan Jumps 10m with the Strike V2

4 Feb , 2022  

With the wind blowing well above 35 knots, Titouan Galea chose the 4m STRIKE V2 and reached an incredible height of 10m with 6 seconds up in the air!


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STRIKE V.2 – Much More Than A Wing!

20 Jan , 2022   Video

The STRIKE V2 is much more than a wing. It is everything you need to reach your riding flow.


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Titouan Galea Scores Epic Waves on Rare South Swell | Maui, Hawaii

25 Aug , 2021   Video

During a rare south swell on Maui, Titouan Galea lines up an epic wingsurfing session.

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Two New Colorways for the Strike Wing

29 Jul , 2021  

In addition to the original 3 colorways, F-One has added 2 new colorways to the Strike! 5x colors are now available in all sizes.


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Tkb Review: 2021 F-One Strike – “A Huge Step Forward in Wing Design”

23 Jun , 2021  

Tkb reviews the Strike to find a huge step forward in redesign with substantial improvements over the Swing V1.

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Decrypting F-One’s New Compact Wing Concept

5 May , 2021  

F-ONE presents its patent pending Compact Wing Concept and its Triple Strut design.

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Discover the F-One Wing Foil Team’s Gear Setup

4 May , 2021   Video

Find out what gear the F-One Wing Foil team was using during their latest trip to North East Brazil.

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F-One’s Wingfoil Team Hits Brazil

6 Apr , 2021   Video

Hydrofoils provide a unique connection to the ocean: our feelings are stronger, our playground is bigger.

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🎥 Wingsurfing Encuentro with the new STRIKE + Phantom 1080

26 Feb , 2021   Video

When F-One Tech Rep Gael Espeche gets the call from locals in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, for a nice swell coming in and 25 knots of wind, it was time to book a ticket and jump in the next plane!

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First Impressions Part 3 – STRIKE in Maui

18 Feb , 2021  

If you have the chance to go to Maui, you will see a lot of F-One wing on the water. It’s a testament to the success of the F-One wing program. Maui riders are tough to please as they are constantly on the lookout for the best gear available and to push the boundaries of every single wind water sports you can imagine. A lot of wingers were patiently waiting to see what the all new STRIKE was all about and the feedback has been phenomenal. We asked our local ambassador Christian Barcellos what he thought of the new wing; and also Paige Alms, better known for riding giant waves, although she loves to wing when the wind shows up. Both of them know the Swing very well, so it’s always interesting to her them talk about the new STRIKE.

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First Impressions Part 2: STRIKE in Miami and Hawaii

5 Jan , 2021   Video

This is our Part 2 – First impressions with the STRIKE, this time in Miami and Oahu, Hawaii; with a 5m where in La Ventana, we had a 4.2m. In the range there is also a 2.8/3.5/4.2/5.0/6.0m.

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First Impressions Part 1: STRIKE in La Ventana

3 Jan , 2021  

F-One sent us a few STRIKE (sizes 4.2 and 5.0m) we were able to immediately put to the test where our high season is in full swing with a good pool of talented wingers, meaning mainly South Florida, La Ventana (Baja, Mexico) and also Hawaii (Maui and Oahu).