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Thanks to Two Brother Films, a beautiful 2+ minutes video edit of Tyler Brown in YQR, shot right after the Red Bull Kite Farm. YQR is in the province of Saskatchevan, near the city of Regina, Canada.
Welcome to Regina, Saskatchewan where you will find frigid temps, blowing snow, and the warm smiles of all the Saskatchewan snowkite crew! Tyler Brown fills us in first hand on the down right rugged Red Bull KiteFarm Endurance Race.
Even if you think the wind is not there, the tree tips not moving an inch with lake tahoe just flat glassy, it can actually blow 20 mph on the ridges. What you really need is somebody that knows the area, knows how to read the sensors at the top of the nearby ski resorts, and if you have the right guide with you, and we did in the person of F-One team rider Tyler Brown, the result is one magical day of snowkiting
F-One Team Rider Tyler Brown and his brother Derek interviewed by TAHOE TV and getting ready for the 2013-2014 snowkiting season in the Tahoe Area . Snowkiting is awesome, go and try it, no excuse ! More info at <a href="
Three things that stand out about the new Bandit 6 are it's turning speed, jumping ability, and it's gliding stability. I was sold immediately upon holding this bar, but there are a few key features that put it above and beyond
Keep in mind this is the first dedicated snowkite zone in California that has the support of a well respected ski resort, within an easy three hour drive from the Bay Area.
"My new F-One 9 meter fresh from the factory on her maiden voyage felt great powered and solid upon launching."