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Focus: 2018 F-One Signature

23 Oct , 2017   Video

The SIGNATURE boards are designed for pure surfing and stem from long evolution of out kite surfboards. Every year, the shape gets better to make your surf riding ever more natural and free. Available sizes: 5’6, 5’8, 5’10. NEW Size 5’6 for 2018!

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Iksurfmag tests the Signature Surf “Simply a joy to ride, there is so much power and drive”

20 May , 2017  

Well built, with a good flex the Signature Series is a very comfortable board to ride. Perhaps not as forgiving as the Mitu it excels when it comes to rail-to-rail carving and also does well in blown out choppy conditions. Big, Fast waves are where it comes alive, and when the going gets tough we are big fans of this shred sled!

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2017 Kiteboarding Collection: Endless Playground

27 Aug , 2016   Video

It’s official ! the F-One 2017 Kiteboarding collection is now out and they’re is a lot to offer. See it all in action in the latest video, the Endless Playground, then keep on scrolling to check out the kite, board and foil options.

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16 Dec , 2015   Video

Inside issue #54 of IKSURFMAG you will find a bad to the bone review explaining all you need to know about the 2016 Signature 5’8” kitesurf board. “Sometimes the simple more classic shapes are the ones that work the best!” -IKSURFMAG

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FOCUS: F-ONE 2016 Signature Surfboard

26 Aug , 2015   Video

The SIGNATURE boards are designed for pure surfing with a shape that comes out of a long evolution of our kite surfboards. Offered in a 5’10” and 6’0″ sizes this board is perfect for traditional surfing and charging big waves!


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Find out why IKSURFMAG thinks the 2015 Signature is a SUBLIME ride!

20 Jan , 2015  

Confidence inspiring grip and smooth ride in rough conditions make this a perfect big wave slayer for smaller riders or the go to storm weapon for larger riders.


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Discover the 2015 F-One SIGNATURE Surf

29 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Once again the new 2015 Signature Series Surf will amaze you! Check out all the NEW specs for 2015.

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BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Signature Surfboard

24 Sep , 2014   Gallery

The 2015 Signature is a must try, get with your local shop and demo one today!! Until then check out what Rider Billy Ackerman has to say and check out the epic pics. #gopro #mygo

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Alec Dektor’s favorite board: Signature 6’0 Quad

5 Apr , 2013   Gallery

I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on. Whether you are learning or experienced on a surfboard and whether you ride straps or not, you can not go wrong with this board.

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