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7 Dec , 2015   Video

Among an elite group of racers Joey takes 1st, julien 2nd, and Nico places 3rd at the 2015 Kite Foil Festival in Colombia! Congratulations to all competitors.

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The F-One Foiling program off to a great start at the Kitefoil Gold Cup

5 Apr , 2015   Video

I was unsure what to expect from our participation in the event. I knew F-One recently made a splash by adding top ranked Maxime Nocher to its Foil team and forming with Romain Castel a nice one two punch. This would also be the grand debut of the all new F-One ram air kite, a ultra high aspect kite (or foil kite, or parafoil) that few people even knew existed in the first place. Right from the get-go and the first practice sessions, the new kite proved to be already VERY competitive. And by the end of the week and a fantastic duel with Nico Parlier (Ozone) and Johnny Heineken (Ozone), Max would finished with the same points as Nico Parlier