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Iksurfmag tests the Signature Surf “Simply a joy to ride, there is so much power and drive”

20 May , 2017  

Well built, with a good flex the Signature Series is a very comfortable board to ride. Perhaps not as forgiving as the Mitu it excels when it comes to rail-to-rail carving and also does well in blown out choppy conditions. Big, Fast waves are where it comes alive, and when the going gets tough we are big fans of this shred sled!

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Bluerush Rider John Hadley Reviews the F-One Race Pro 14′ x 27″

19 May , 2017   Gallery

Bluerush Boardsports team rider John Hadley gives us a complete rundown on the F-One 14’x27″ Race Pro SUP! “It’s a work horse that works for you and with you.”


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Iksurfmag tests the Hybrid 800 Kitefoil “Having that float and volume makes learning so much easier”

28 Apr , 2017   Video

F-One have really stepped up their hydrofoil game for 2017 and they were pretty devoted to it last year too. They now offer a huge range of foils not just for kitesurfing, but also for SUP and windsurfing! The Freeride 90/800 set up is an easy to use platform that has been designed to offer enough performance to keep you interested for a long period of time, while still being very forgiving.

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BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Mitu PRO

19 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Had the pleasure to ride the 2015 Mitu Pro 5¹6 over the weekend . First notable impression was how smooth the board cuts through chop, it’s like slicing through butter

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TKB Review: 2014 F-ONE Trax

24 Feb , 2014  

“Very comfortable, lightweight board that is good at handling chop – Feels fast with good upwind ability, turns well but a little skaty – Loved this board – turns well, playful with great pop and upwinds well,”

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TKB Review: 2014 F-ONE Bandit

13 Feb , 2014   Gallery

“I was surprised by how well the bigger sizes responded and went upwind really well yet had good drift. This is a great kite for the Gorge” “Great all around, fast turning, stable, really fun and user friendly” Easy to boost, great lift with fast turning and quick flying speed with plenty of low end,”

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iKsurfmag tests the 2014 Bandit 9m “Ultimate do-it-all machine”

4 Nov , 2013  

Raphael, Graham and the team have made another excellent kite in the bandit 7, if you like your kites fast, responsive and very capable then the Bandit 7 won’t disappoint, perhaps the ultimate do-it-all machine!

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DC Kites reviews the Trax 136

25 Mar , 2013  

I ride the Trax model for 4 years and every year I am thinking that the board will not get any better. This year model looks very similar with the 2012 one, yet there are a few changes on the overall layout that the board more reactive and get more pop.