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1 Mar , 2016   Gallery

The Trax HRD Lite Tech is the state of the art freestyle board providing futuristic sensations! Offered with the new Lite Tech Technology, and available in sizes 135, 136, 137 & 140 cm, learn more about the 2016 Trax HRD Lite Tech series today!

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26 Feb , 2016   Gallery

The 2016 F-One UNIK Twintip kiteboard features truly unrivaled freeride abilities. It unleashes performance and accessibility no matter what the conditions. With early planning and impressive control, the characteristics of the UNIK make it a highly effective board to ride. Available in 134 x 40.5 cm size, learn more today!

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9 Feb , 2016   Gallery

The Kiteboarder just finished their 2016 gear testing in Mexico, with a hand selected test team, TKB gives a thorough review on the 2016 Trust kite! Retro colors and stability in the air for days, find out what the testers have to say.

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TKB Mag reviews the 2014 Next Light Wind TT Board

22 Apr , 2014  

The 2014 Next LW features a fairly wide and rounded template, wood core, round inverted rails, unique Unibox fin mounts, three settings for stance width, and a single option for setting stance duck. Testers found the Next LW to be a lively and fun board that strikes a balance between freestyle and light wind ability.

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Kiteworld reviews the 2014 Bandit 9M

11 Mar , 2014  

A true all-rounder that grows and grows with you, suiting you more the better you get. Waves or high wind hangtime, the usability is superb, the reactivity is a joy and the relaunch is still impeccable.

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A must read review of the Anakao 8’10

5 Mar , 2014  

I’m super happy with the board and highly recommend it to any intermediate to advanced rider that has the luxury of 4-10 faces.

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TKB Review: 2014 F-ONE Trax

24 Feb , 2014  

“Very comfortable, lightweight board that is good at handling chop – Feels fast with good upwind ability, turns well but a little skaty – Loved this board – turns well, playful with great pop and upwinds well,”

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TKB Review: 2014 F-ONE Bandit

13 Feb , 2014   Gallery

“I was surprised by how well the bigger sizes responded and went upwind really well yet had good drift. This is a great kite for the Gorge” “Great all around, fast turning, stable, really fun and user friendly” Easy to boost, great lift with fast turning and quick flying speed with plenty of low end,”

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iKsurfmag tests the new Bandit 12m

3 Feb , 2014  

We have tested the 9m Bandit 7 a couple of issues ago, but as kites differ from size to size we wanted to see what the larger sized kite had to offer for those of you in the market for a 12m.

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Iksurfmag Tests The Mitu Pro 5’10

4 Dec , 2013  

The latest issue of Iksurfmag is available online now. Check out the full review on the 5’10 Mitu Pro Model!

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iKsurfmag tests the 2014 Bandit 9m “Ultimate do-it-all machine”

4 Nov , 2013  

Raphael, Graham and the team have made another excellent kite in the bandit 7, if you like your kites fast, responsive and very capable then the Bandit 7 won’t disappoint, perhaps the ultimate do-it-all machine!

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JAX rider reviews the 2014 TRAX HDR Carbon 136 x 40.5

9 Oct , 2013   Gallery

I really couldn’t find anything wrong with the board. I’m sure there are some things that could be better, but I couldn’t find them. The board does everything I’d want a board to do. I’m now excited about riding twin tips again.