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Tested: TKB Reviews the F-One Furtive! “Super fun, flies upwind and boosts great!”

10 Apr , 2018   Video

The Furtive features a high aspect ratio for high performance and 5 struts to control the profile. The leading edge arc is reduced to develop the maximum of power for a given area. Its profile has been developed to ensure maximum traction at the edge of the window. Its W5 bridle is totally innovative and brings together the function of a bridle and a 5th line! We have called it W5 due to its W pattern which includes a central line to control the leading edge arc, like a 5th line. It provides perfect distortion control and the central line further helps with the depower of the kite.

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Tested: F-ONE 2018 WTF!? Twin Tip 138 x 42cm “A solid choice with impressive performance!”

20 Mar , 2018   Video

Source: iksurfmag.com At A Glance Over the last few years, F-One have been growing their range of kites, boards and foils. We have seen many new additions such as the Breeze, Furtive, and now the WTF!? range. The WTF!? range is all about out and out freestyle riding; we now see a Linx freestyle bar, […]

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Tested: TKB Reviews the F-One Slice 5’3 “Fast turns, nice light weight, good chop handling”

20 Mar , 2018   Video

Source: thekiteboarder.com TKB REVIEW: 2018 F-ONE SLICE MARCH 17, 2018 Sizes Available: 5’1”/19.5L, 5’3″/22L Sizes Tested: 5’3”/22L (HD Foam Flex Composite) F-One Says: The all new Slice is set to get some pulses racing this year, designed as a strapless freestyle weapon for our top pro riders it’s also an easy and intuitive board to […]

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Tested: F-One Slice 5’3 2018 “one of the best all-round wave boards out there”

30 Jan , 2018   Gallery

With three constructions and two sizes, there are a few decisions to make before you purchase a Slice. As long as you choose the right board in the range for you, we think you’ll be impressed. The pop of the carbon board is incredible, while the smooth, snappy lines you can draw with the other two will bring endless smiles to your face. The new Slice from F-One is one of the best all-round wave boards out there at the moment…

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Tested: 2018 F-One Bandit 7m “fast, dynamic all-rounder”

29 Jan , 2018   Gallery

The F-One Bandit is now in its 11th year of production and is still taking names and kicking ass when it comes to three strut all-round kites. It’s been the benchmark for some time now and with many brands trying to emulate the success of the kite. At one stage it was F-One’s only kite, and arguably some of its success can be attributed to that. However, you can’t understate just how good the kite has been over the years.

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Inside Scoop on the F-One Slice 5’3 – Mind blowing performance!

8 Nov , 2017   Gallery

When it comes to aerial maneuvers this board has an amazing pop to it due to the wide tail and flatter rocker, and the square nose really helps catch the wind underneath the board and helps stabilize fins first landings. I’ve landed several strapless freestyle tricks I had been struggling with on this board and it all has due to the way this board loves to fly. The short length and light weight really help you take off like a rocket and spin the board around in the air. Everyone who has felt this board in their hands says the same thing, “wow this is light”.

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Jon Modica 2nd Place in Fall Kite Foil Regatta on Diablo V3

6 Nov , 2017  

St. Pete Fall Kite Foil Regatta Florida Kite Racing League: November 3 – 5, 2017 F-One National Racer Jon Modica V3 Feedback The Diablo V3 is by far the best foil kite I’ve flown. While the V2 was an improvement on the V1, it had some downsides. The V3 took the better qualities of the V1 […]

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SUP Tonic Reviews The Papenoo Pro Convertible 7’7

19 Sep , 2017   Video

Parallel rails are really the thing of the moment, and this board is straight out of that way of thinking. Lots of brands are now making short, wide nose and wide tailed boards like this. However, what caught my eye about the F-one Papenoo was the attention to detail in the shaping. Get the complete low down on the F-One Papenoo here!

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Iksurfmag tests the new BANDIT X 12m “It keeps on getting better !”

8 Dec , 2016  

iKsurfmag reviews the 2017 BANDIT X 12m kite. It keeps on getting better ! Read the full review here.

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BREEZE First Impressions: powerful and smooth kite, ideal for foiling in light winds

22 Sep , 2016   Video

I got my new 11m Breeze and the first thing I noticed about it is how light it is. You can really feel the light weight by the way it’s launching in light winds, it takes very little wind to fly.

I ride it with my 600 foil and I can be foiling without any whitecaps on the water. It has great low end and is very stable in the air. Compared to the Bandit, the Breeze has a bit more bar pressure which is nice, since you can use it to balance. The Breeze creates a ton of power on the down stroke it gets you going easily. The power comes on very fast and helps you get on the foil. It turns just a bit slower than the Bandit and takes more input to turn. Not a bad thing to slow things down on the foil. I am having a much easier time doing tacks and jibes. Where I would drop the Bandit every now and then on jibes, the Breeze just stays up.

In a bit more wind, I ride it strapless on my surfboard. The smooth feel and stability are really nice, it lets me focus on the board.

Overall I really like it, it is a very powerful and smooth kite, ideal for foiling in light winds.


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26 May , 2016   Video

On the water the Freeride Hybrid 800 Kite Foil feels extremely stable, is very fun to ride and allows you to ride with a more relaxed stance verses the 600 front wing. The 800 front wing was built to be slower, more stable, and used for surfing waves or having the most fun while freeriding.

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23 Mar , 2016  

Kitesurfing Magazine is available from over 150 local kiteboarding retailer and schools across the USA and Canada. You can also find them on the newsstands across the USA and Canada. Subscribe today and read The 2016 F-ONE Bandit 9 “Gear Test” by Kitesurfing Magazine inside!

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