Papenoo wins SUP Surf Gear of the year !

1 Aug , 2017  

Stoked! The Papeeno is the winner of the SUP Connect SUP Surf Gear of the Year! Source: SUP Connect Most people and companies in life play to formulaic approaches, for they see the risks of failure as being too steep and unacceptable. However, it is the daring few, those who are willing to risk it […]

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Photo album of the F-One SUP Team @ Huntington Pro 2014

21 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Great pictures of Poenaiki and Natua, the F-One SUP Team during the Huntington Pro this week. Thanks to Donovan for the pictures !


F-One - Manera - Paddle - Pictures - Team

Surfertoday on Poenaiki being the 2014 SUP world champion

23 May , 2014  

Poenaiki Raioha and Emmy Merrill have been crowned the 2014 ISA World SUP Surfing champions, in Granada, Nicaragua. The young World Champions, Raioha, who is 17 years-old and the 20 year old, Merrill, who demonstrated the arrival of a new generation in the sport.

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Poenaiki joins the International F-ONE SUP Team

3 Apr , 2014  

F-ONE is pleased to announce that Poenaiki RAIOHA is joining the F-ONE International SUP Team.

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