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Foiling paradise in Tahiti

10 Nov , 2020   Video

Now this is foiling paradise! Paul Serin and Patrice Chanzy explore the potentials of foils in Tahiti’s warm, crystal clear waters.


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Sneak Preview: Patrice on the cover of SUP Journal

9 Dec , 2015  

Patrice Chanzy, the F-One team rider from Tahiti will be featured on the cover of upcoming SUP Journal March 2016 issue. SUP Journal have been big fans over the years. In fact only Patrice.. and Laird Hamilton have been on the cover as many times over their 9 years of publishing. This time around, it’s a self made shot with a GoPro.

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2 Dec , 2015   Video

Adventure and passion, two words that probably best describe the universe of our Tahitian riders. Why not a share a session with Aude LIONET-CHANFOUR, Poenaiki RAIOHA and Patrice CHANZY?

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MOVIE: “Welcome On Board”

2 Mar , 2015   Video

It only keeps getting better! While the F-ONE International team was in Tahiti filming “TE TAINUI, SHARING THE OCEAN” they started preparing for the 2015 SUP Edit “Welcome On Board.” Staring F-ONE Riders Patrice Chanzy, Manutea Monnier, Poenaiki Raioha, Aude Lionet CHANFOUR, Rémi Quique, Camille Salles, Filippe Ferreira, Mitu Monteiro, Micka Fernandez, and of course Raphaël Salles! What better way to host a team trip than to rent a couple giant catamaran’s so you are in the right spot at the right time! Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the epic waves that the Tahitian islands have to offer!

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GET READY… F-One’s first ever SUP movie is coming soon!!

19 Feb , 2015   Video

GET READY… F-One’s first ever SUP movie is coming soon!!

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Watch Patrice CHANZY “Be Water” 2014 Video edit NOW!

3 Dec , 2014   Video

Just released, Patrice CHANZY’S “Be Water” 2014 Video edit is full of epic barrels and perfect waves. Enjoy the latest and greatest from Patrice!

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10 Nov , 2014   Video

F-One 2015 SUP | THE year


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MOVIE: “TE TAINUI” Sharing the Ocean

30 Oct , 2014   Video

TE TAINUI | Sharing The Ocean Once again the F-ONE team went off to discover new landscapes and live an extraordinary adventure. Raphaël SALLES put on his captain’s hat for the time of a far-off journey to meet his Tahitian team and experience the magic surrounding their idyllic islands. Accompanied by his faithful sidekicks as […]

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