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SUP Tonic Reviews The Papenoo Pro Convertible 7’7

19 Sep , 2017   Video

Parallel rails are really the thing of the moment, and this board is straight out of that way of thinking. Lots of brands are now making short, wide nose and wide tailed boards like this. However, what caught my eye about the F-one Papenoo was the attention to detail in the shaping. Get the complete low down on the F-One Papenoo here!

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Papenoo wins SUP Surf Gear of the year !

1 Aug , 2017  

Stoked! The Papeeno is the winner of the SUP Connect SUP Surf Gear of the Year! Source: SUP Connect Most people and companies in life play to formulaic approaches, for they see the risks of failure as being too steep and unacceptable. However, it is the daring few, those who are willing to risk it […]

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15 Mar , 2017   Gallery

I was extremely pleased with my choice of the 7’7” Papenoo Pro. If I have to rate my skills I would say they are of a intermediate SUP surfer with desire to progress. I`m 6’4” gravitating around the 200 lbs.


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15 Mar , 2017   Video

The PAPENOO boards can be classified as “Compact SUP” with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before! Available in 4 sizes 6’10, 7’3, 7’7 and 7’11”; the PAPENOO features an amazing strength to weight ratio and is among the highest performing and lightest on the market. Also available in SUP Foil and Wind Foil Convertible models.


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2017 SUP Collection: Explore, Surf, Cruise, Foil, Enjoy !

5 Nov , 2016   Gallery

Explore, Surf, Cruise, Race, Foil, Enjoy

Stand up Paddle boarding allows us to see the world from a different angle. If you’re cruising or surfing your heart away, F-One has a wide collection for all paddlers. We are thrilled to present the latest additions to our 2017 collection: Papenoo, Noosa, Ocean and Magic.

A mix of state-of-the-art technology and F-ONE’s expertise to offer you the best SUPing experience.

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First Impressions WindFoiling with a Papenoo convertible & Hybrid 900 Foil – Really accessible and pretty damn fun

26 Sep , 2016   Gallery

I was expecting for the whole adventure to hurt but 100ft out from the beach I was up and going. I felt early release and no rail stickiness with the board. Volume was enough to easily up-haul. The pad was good and grippy but not too firm. Having a stomp pad flip up on the tail is really nice for location awareness when foiling. The foil clearly had a lot of lift, with about 12 knots of wind I was able to pump the sail and pump the board and pop up. I then seemed to be able to carry foiling through much lighter winds. Because this is a SUP foil first I knew it was not going to be the foil that someone will windsurf race on. It is something that instead is really accessible and pretty damn fun. Roll foil stability felt great. It felt very happy upright, meaning its neutral position was flat and it didn’t want to roll until I told it to which made it very predictable. I did notice sometimes in the eb chop the mast would connect and then release giving a little tweak out feeling but it was small enough that it never actually took me down. I only vertically cavitated a few times but it seamed to provide enough resistance on the way down (and the rocker and volume of the board was sufficient) that you don’t even really skip a beat. ~Seth


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PAPENOO First Impressions in the surf – New shape generates plenty of speed and allow for some snappy turns

26 Sep , 2016  

Here is my first impression on the Papenoo 7’11 SUP Foil (my weight is 175lbs , 6’1″). Had a chance to ride the latest Papenoo 7’11 SUP this morning at Ocean Beach in San Francisco at its best, 5 feet clean and glassy. This board is easy to paddle, stable yet is fast and very reactive from take off all the way down the line. Don’t let the squared off tail design fool you, the quad fin set up in conjunction with the deep concave underside at the tail produce a unique feeling of insane water flow, generating plenty of speed and allowing for snappy turns. Simply outstanding maneuverability! Let’s not forget that this is a multiple discipline board – SUP Surf , SUP Foil, Wind Foil (with the convertible version that can have inserts and mast rail). All bases are covered, need i say more ! Cheers , Bruce