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CATALOG: OCEAN Sunglasses & Helmets 2017

13 Feb , 2017  



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Protect yourself when foiling, wear a helmet and an impact vest

9 Nov , 2015  

It’s a no brainer to use a helmet on a mountain bike, or for the vast majority of skiers and/or snowboarders. Same for kayakers. And for good reasons. We strongly believe every foiler should wear a helmet at all time. An impact vest is also a very good idea especially if you foil in areas where you don’t need a wetsuit. Your head and ribs ribs will thank you for that.


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CATALOG: 2016 Ocean Helmets & Sunglasses

28 Oct , 2015  



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The Kiteboarder’s review of the Ocean DOLPHIN Helmet

14 Mar , 2013  

Our tester used the Dolphin for both kiteboarding and swimming through the surf with his camera. He reported this helmet to be comfortable, warm, and unobtrusive. The Dolphin’s venting system seems to work very well as our tester commented that the helmet stayed put and never felt like it was trying to pull away while diving under waves.