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2017 Kiteboarding Collection: Endless Playground

27 Aug , 2016   Video

It’s official ! the F-One 2017 Kiteboarding collection is now out and they’re is a lot to offer. See it all in action in the latest video, the Endless Playground, then keep on scrolling to check out the kite, board and foil options.

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NEXT LW: The best of both worlds

22 Jul , 2016   Gallery

This is the LW version of F-One’s popular Next twin tip with an all new pad/strap system and fresh graphics for 2016. The Next LW is a biaxial glass and wood construction deck with F-One’s unique reverse profile surf rail and rounded template. The Next LW comes in two sizes; we tested the larger. It takes the upside of a skim board and combines these traits with an easy-to-use kiteboard that works well in the lightest of conditions.

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Discover the 2015 F-One NEXT Twin Tip Series in 3D

26 Aug , 2014  

The NEXT Twin Tip Series is stepping up for 2015! New outline, new features, and unmatched performance in all conditions. Check out what the all new NEXT brings to the table for 2015!

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TKB Mag reviews the 2014 Next Light Wind TT Board

22 Apr , 2014  

The 2014 Next LW features a fairly wide and rounded template, wood core, round inverted rails, unique Unibox fin mounts, three settings for stance width, and a single option for setting stance duck. Testers found the Next LW to be a lively and fun board that strikes a balance between freestyle and light wind ability.

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F-ONE 2014 NEXT Twin Tip VIDEO

25 Nov , 2013  

This is a Perfect Free-ride or light wind board that is extremely durable and comfortable to ride in any conditions!! Check out the 2014 F-ONE NEXT Twin Tip!

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