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How to Choose Your F-One Foil

7 Apr , 2022  

Our guide to help you choose your F-ONE foil from our most comprehensive, modular, and accessible foil range to date.

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Tkb Review: 2021 F-One Mirage 800 “Push Your High Speed Carving Limits”

3 Aug , 2021  

Decked out in full carbon, the Mirage 800 is an agile racer with intuitive and super reliable handling that will push your high speed carving limits.


F-One - Foil - News

Discover the all new MIRAGE Carbon Foil Series 800/1000

25 Jun , 2020  

Imagine a foil that is stable and lifts you at low speed so you can succeed all your transitions or tricks, a foil that glides and can accelerate so you can race you mates for short moment, before you bank on a nice wave to lay a perfect turn. This foil is the Mirage foil.