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14 Mar , 2017   Video

Lightning fast accelerations, maximum carving, tight turns off the lip and re-entry; the MADEIRO series is developed and ridden by our pro-team. Available in three different constructions, from bamboo composite technology to the high-end bamboo carbon sandwich, the 2017 range has 9 different sizes ranging from 6’10 to 8’8; for the most demanding riders of any size and weight.


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Madeiro Pro Carbon 8’0 first impressions – New size perfect for all-around SUP Surfing performance

25 Oct , 2016  

F-One has continued to shape the range into a true pro performance SUP Surfboard. In previous years I have paddled the 7’7 (87L) or 7’11 (95L) Madeiro SUP boards. For 2017 as the sizes and overall shape has changed a little, I decided to go up in volume and ride the 8’0 (100L) board to be more comfortable. Going to a bigger size I was worried that I would not be able to maneuver the board as well as the 7’7 or 7’11 sizes, but that is defiantly not the case. The Madeiro squash tail is VERY pulled in and thinned out to increase the performance and maneuverability dramatically for a sup surfboard. I really felt as if the 8’0 is the perfect compromise between stability and maneuverability for a 175-195lb advanced paddler. I had no problems putting this board wherever I wanted on the wave face. The Madeiro offers excellent speed and acceleration down the wave that enabled me to make it through quick breaking sections that I usually cannot make it past on my short board surfboard. All tech and specs aside, I highly recommend trying a Madeiro SUP Board if you are looking to gain the upper edge in the surf while still remaining stable and comfortable in any surf conditions


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25 Jan , 2016   Video

Compact Wave Design – Double Bamboo Deck – Sizes 7’7″, 7’11”, 8’3″, 8’5″ and 8’8″

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CATALOG: F-One 2016 SUP Collection

8 Oct , 2015  

→ Download F-ONE 2016 SUP Global Catalog

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2016 SUP Collection

1 Sep , 2015   Video

Check out the 2016 F-One SUP collection! The R&D has worked hard to improve upon last year collection. You will find updated shapes, new products, new graphics, new construction, etc… there is no doubt you will find a board and/or a paddle that will suit you, we guarantee it ! CATALOG BOARDS INFLATABLE: This year’s novelty is our […]

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BAKS Ambassador Christian Ruhfus tests the MADEIRO 8’3″

3 Dec , 2014   Gallery

BAKS rider Christian Ruhfus reviews the MADEIRO 8’3″ !

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Ambassador Ogee and his Madeiro Pro 7’11

10 Oct , 2014   Gallery

This is the fastest SUP surfboard tested to date, by far! Not only the board generates plenty of speed but it keeps it through the turns at the same time allowing for a great degree of maneuverability and drive


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DISCOVER the F-One 2015 MADEIRO PRO series

30 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Once again the new 2015 Madeiro Pro Model SUP will amaze you! Check out all the NEW specs and sizes for 2015 including 7’5″, 7’7″, 7’11”, 8’3″, 8’5″ and 8’8″.


BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Madeiro PRO SUP

23 Sep , 2014   Gallery

The Florida BAKS Crew gives there first thoughts on the 2015 Madeiro PRO Carbon SUP range!

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ISA World Champ Poenaiki Rides the F-ONE Madeiro Pro

5 Jul , 2014  

Congrats to team rider Poenaiki Raioha, the new 2014 ISA SUP Champion and his board of choice the Madeiro Pro Carbon.

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2014 MADEIRO PRO Sup Video Presentation

26 Feb , 2014   Video


With our pro-team requiring ever lighter boards in competitions and international events, we have developed a new carbon construction. We have been so impressed by the performances and reliability of these MADEIRO boards weighing less than 6kg and we have decided to make it available to every rider. Designed with a slightly narrower width (-1″) than the equivalent length Full Bamboo model, these MADEIRO PRO range therefore offers a wider selection of width to satisfy the most demanding riders.


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2014 Madeiro SUP Collection Video Presentation

25 Feb , 2014   Gallery

Acceleration, maximum carving, tight turns, vertical off the lip and re-entry… The MADEIRO boards are direct developments of our pro team. With some particular input from our experienced rider Rémi QUIQUE the 2014 range has been re-designed. Special attention has been brought to he volume distribution for a better stability. The double concave in the front sections has been removed and the angle of the bevels has been changed together with the shape of the rail. The outline receives a new squash tail.