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Event Recap: The 15th Annual XBA Kitexpo

27 Apr , 2017   Gallery

The 15th annual XBA Kitexpo formally known as The Pismo Beach Kite Expo was an enormous success last weekend, F-One & Manera brands along with 14 others attended forming the biggest kite expo style layout on the West Coast. This is a great hands-on event allowing customers to chat with industry professionals and try gear from multiple brands right there on the spot. Compare, test back to back, mix and match; there is no other way to find out if you like it or not until you try it on the water! This event is one of our favorites for that reason and of course the turnout has always been phenomenal.

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Events - F-One - Manera


24 Apr , 2016   Video

Great wind in celebration for Kinsley! The 14th annual KiteXpo in Pismo beach kicked off with solid winds gusting from the mids 20’s throughout the day. This three-day event brought together kiteboarders from across the country to California for the largest free kiteboarding demo in North America.

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